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Eddy Marcano and Cuarteto Acustico

Venezuelan Folk and Classical Music

Fri., Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m.

El Tamarindo


Venezuelan violinist Eddy Marcano and quartet members Gustavo Caruci, guitar (Yamaha Artist); Hector Molina, cuatro; and Layo Puentes, bass, come to The Smithsonian to perform a remarkable evening of Venezuelan folk and classical music.

Marcano is a concert soloist, chamber musician, and ambassador for his country's folk music. He has toured extensively and performed with some of Venezuela's leading orchestras and at international festivals in Europe and Latin America. He has shared the stage with top musicians such as Grupo Gurrufio, Simon Diaz, Paul Dessene, and Chick Corea.
The multifaceted musician is also a music envoy to UNESCO for the creation of children's orchestras in Honduras,Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Guatemala and is a professor of the violin at the Conservatorio Simon Bolívar in Caracas and a former student of “El Sistema”.

Tonight's performance is part of the “Venezuelan Sounds 09” music series organized by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the generous support of Chevron Corp. Visit for more information.
Gustavo Caruci is a Yamaha-sponsored artist.


National Museum of the American Indian
Rasmuson Theater
4th St. & Independence Avenue, SW
Metro:L'Enfant Plaza(Blue/Orange/Yellow/Green)

Sponsored by

For tickets and more information, visit:



Come hear the strings of the Americas vibrate to the virtuosity of these brilliant harpists.
Two unforgettable nights! An incomparable musical gift!
...and the performance of Los Quetzales Mexican Dance Ensemble.

Juan J. Aquino (Venezuela) Celso Duarte (Paraguay)
Daniel Rojas (Colombia) Rubén Vázquez (Mexico)

WHEN: Friday, September 11 & Saturday, September 12 at 7:30 pm

WHERE: Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre
1611 North Kent St., 'LL' Level, Arlington, VA 22209
(2 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro Station) (for directions visit

TICKETS: $30; $25 Students/Seniors (60+)

INFO/RESV.: 703-548-3092; email:;

All funds raised benefit the 12th International Festival of Hispanic Theater

(Oct. 13 - Nov. 21)


Sponsored by

To learn more about Marco Granados please visit

To listen to a piece of Marco Granados, please click on the icon

June 26
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time:: 11am, Hora:   3:55pm
Cumaco   Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Time:: 3:55pm -12pm
June 27 
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time:: 1:25pm, -Hora: 3:55pm (Taller)
Cumaco   Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Time:: 11am, 2:15pm   Ronald
June 28 
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time:: 1:25pm, Hora:   3:05pm
Cumaco   Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Time:: 11am,   4:45pm
July 2 
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time:: 3:55am
July 3 
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time:: 1:25pm, Hora:   3:55pm
July 4
Maestro Joropo   Oriental Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife   Festival
Time::   3:05pm
July 5 
Maestro Joropo Oriental   Presentación: Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Time:   11:00am, 2:15pm







April 30: Documentary Film: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Date: Thursday, April 30
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 1099 30th Street, NW
Metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU (Blue and Orange lines)
Admission: Free
For more info:

In 2001, directors Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Brian found themselves in the right place in the right time. While filming a documentary about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, they found themselves instead filming a coup from inside the presidential palace.

May 1:Documentary Film: Beyond Elections
Date: Friday, May 1
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 1099 30th Street, NW
Metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU (Blue and Orange lines)
Admission: Free
For more info:

From Venezuela’s Communal Councils to Brazil’s Participatory Budgeting; from constitutional assemblies to grassroots movements; recuperated factories to cooperatives across the hemisphere - this documentary is a journey across the Americas, an attempt to answer one of the most important questions of our time: What is democracy?

May 2:  Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Take a tour of the Ambassador’s residence and art collection where some of Venezuela’s most important painters are represented, and enjoy traditional dance workshop and traditional beverages.

Time: 10 am - 4 pm
Location: 2443 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Metro: Dupont Circle (Red line)
Admission: Free
For more info:


Teatro de la Luna
17th Poetry Marathon in Spanish
"La Pluma y la Palabra" The Pen and the Word 

TEATRO DE LA LUNA, cumpliendo con una de sus principales metas, anuncia la realización del Decimoséptimo
Maratón de la Poesía, "La Pluma y la Palabra". Este evento único en su género, acercará en la oportunidad lo más representativo
de la poesía  hispanoamericana para rendir homenaje a los grandes de las letras.

Teatro de la Luna announces its 17th annual Poetry Marathon in Spanish, "La Pluma y la Palabra" (The Pen and the Word). 
This year's marathon -- unique in the mid-Atlantic States, will bring world renowned Hispano-American poets to read from their new works and 
celebrate the Spanish world's greatest men and women of letters. 
WHAT: 17th Poetry Marathon in Spanish
WHO: Teatro de la Luna, with Celebrated Hispanic Poets, including Noni Benegas, Eduardo Mosches (Argentina), Sergio Badilla (Chile),
 José Acosta, León Félix Batista (Dominican Republic), Roberto Arizmendi, Iliana Godoy (Mexico), María Angeles Pérez López (Spain),
Enrique Hernández-D'Jesús (Venezuela).
WHEN/WHERE: Friday, April 12 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Mary Pickford Theater
3rd. Floor, James Madison Building - Independence Ave. & 1st. Street, SE, Washington, DC
                   (Capitol South Metro Station - 'Orange' and 'Blue' Lines) 
 Saturday, April 18 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm - CASA DE LA LUNA
4020 Georgia Avenue, NW - Washington, DC 20011
(Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station - 'Green' Line)

TICKETS: FREE (donations accepted, cash bar & concessions)

INFO: 202-882-6227 / 703-548-3092 or; 
En esta “gran fiesta de la palabra” la presencia de los poetas invitados se ve 
acompañada con la interpretación de los miembros de la audiencia,
jóvenes, adultos, quienes recitan, leen o interpretan piezas de su autoría o las 
de consagrados escritores. ¡El único Maratón de Poesía en español del país!
In this “celebration of words,” renowned Spanish-language poets are accompanied by audience 
members of all ages who recite, read or interpret their own work or that of well-known authors.
This is the only Spanish-language poetry marathon in the country! 
General Information:
* Free Admission [Donations gratefully accepted]
* Free street parking
* Book show and sale
* Cafeteria & Cash Bar



Tierras de Agua Dulce (Freshwater Lands)

“The Venezuelan plains are one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. The Orinoco River,

considered to be the third most important river basin in the world, forms part of them, and make up the third largest wetland in South America”.



“In a town of entrenched with fishing traditions, a woman’s presence in a fishing boat is bad luck for the fish. Teresa, without understanding the

reason for such a belief and motivate by the need to survive and to provide for her sick grandfather, decides to see if she too can be a fisher.

Her ability to succeed rests on the complicity of her best friend Sofia and the capricious will of the sea.”


Recreating a Yanomami myth, this film tells the story of the creation of the night. An indigenous family, tired of the heat and light of the sun,

fatally wound a black Paují bird in flight. With every drop of blood that falls from the bird a new Paují is born which takes flight and blocks the

sun from view. Before the astonished eyes of the humans, night has begun.”

A los pies de CANAIMA (Deep into CANAIMA)

“A scientific expedition into the oldest known lands in the planet. A unique testimony of the latest research on new species at Canaima National Park.

This area preserves the natural history of fascinating Precambrian outcrops and pristine environments, many of which have never been touched by man”.





Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela

For information about upcoming performances, click here


Andres Bello Hall * 1099 30th St, NW, Washington, DC 20007











Teatro de la Luna
11th International Festival of Hispanic Theater
SPECTACULAR CLOSING WEEKEND This week from Venezuela, Ms. Elba Escobar in:
La Duda / Doubt
A universal problem in a controversial, revealing, matter-of-fact account… subjects, goals, and testimony concerning
an act of pedophilia in a school run by nuns in Caracas…  Stellar performances by a brilliant cast!
***Pulitzer Prize Winner (2005)***
“…excellent casting… a forceful spectacle… One of the best productions of 2007”  (Luis Alberto Rosas/En Primera Fila)
WHAT: La Duda / Doubt by Pulitzer Prize winner John Patrick Shanley
In Spanish with live English dubbing
WHO: I.E. Producciones C.A.
WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 13 - 8pm
Friday, Nov. 14 - 8pm
Saturday, Nov. 15 - 3pm & 8pm
WHERE: Gunston Arts Center - Theatre 2
2700 South Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206
(for directions visit
TICKETS: Regular $30; Students/Seniors (60+) $25
INFO/RESV.: 703-548-3092;






The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Teatro de la Luna

Invite to:

Come hear the strings of the Americas vibrate to the virtuosity of these brilliant harpists.

Two unforgettable nights! An incomparable musical gift!

Eduardo Betancourt (Venezuela)

Edmar Castañeda (Colombia)

Mariano González (Paraguay)


WHEN: Friday, September 12 & Saturday, September 13 at 7:30 pm

WHERE: Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre

1611 North Kent St., 'LL' Level, Arlington, VA 22209

(2 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro Station) (for directions visit

TICKETS: $30; $25 Students/Seniors (60+)

INFO/RESV.: 703-548-3092; email:;

All funds raised benefit the 11th International Festival of Hispanic Theater (Oct. 7 - Nov. 15)

Eduardo Betancourt


was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He began his harp study at the Bigott Foundation and continued at the ‘José Ángel Lamas’ National Conservatory and the ‘José Reina’ Music School.

He has traveled extensively, in and out of Venezuela, where he has performed in a number of festivals and has played alongside several renowned artists in live concerts and recordings.

He represented his country at the First World Harp Festival in Asunción, Paraguay in 2007.































For more information visit

Here is a music sample of Los Vasallos del Sol:



Residence of the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
: 2 – 5 pm; 20 minute tours
Location: 2443 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Metro: Dupont Circle (Red line)
Admission: Free




For more information visit


For more information visit



Opening Reception May 2nd, 6-8pm
Andres Bello Hall 1099 30th Street NW
Washington DC 20007
RSVP:(202) 342-6828








Monday 21st:
7:00 pm: Opening reception of the collective photography exhibit "Visiones Sobre el Ambiente"
Photographs from   Argentina,   Costa Rica, Panamá, Paraguay, Venezuela.
Tuesday 22nd:
6:00 p.m. Colombia. Nuestros Andes Colombianos. Duración 7 minutos.
6:15 p.m. Honduras. Viajes Por los Parques Nacionales de Honduras: Sigamos el   Agua. Duración 10 minutos. Idioma Español
6:35 p.m. Costa Rica. Simbiosis: Concierto Piano y Bosque Lluvioso. Duración 48   minutos
Wednesday 23nd:
6:00 p.m. Bolivia. Minorías Indígenas. Duración 46 minutos. Idioma   Español.

Thursday 24th:
6:00 p.m. República Dominicana. Naturaleza. Lo Mejor de Quisqueya.   Duración 13 minutos
6:30 p.m Cuba. Cambio Climático. El Reto Continua. Duración 52   minutos. Idioma Español
All activities will take place at the Andres Bello Hall 1099 30th St, NW. Washington DC 20007. RSVP (202) 342-6828.



Presented by the Embassy of Bolivia
April 17th: Bolivarian Hall. 7pm
2443 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20008
$20 donation available at the door. Includes after-concert toast in honor of the artist.













DC’s Hottest Stage for the Latino Arts
 GALA Theatre   at Tivoli   Square
3333 14th Street,   NW
Tu ternura   Molotov
Your Molotov Kisses
In Spanish with English subtitles
Tickets: 202-234-7174



December 10 at 6:30
Mexican cultural institute
XVI art salon
ibero - american migration






November 14, 2007 to January 30, 2008
Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
IDB Cultural Center Art Gallery, 1300 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577, Tel. 202 6233774 (free admission).

Artful Diplomacy: Art as Latin America's Ambassador in Washington, D.C.  A selection of outstanding examples of Latin American art, from pre-Columbian times to the second half of the XX Century in the possession of Embassies, Ambassadors, Official Residences and other Government Delegations and Representatives in Washington DC.

The exhibit unites paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, engravings and folk art by major figures in the spectrum of Latin American art such as Raquel Forner, Roberto Matta, Cándido Portinari, Fernando Botero, Armando Reverón, Héctor Poleo, and Marina Núñez del Prado. 



When: Jan. 31, 2008
Where: Trocadero Theatre (1003 Arch Street, in Downtown Philly)
Show: 8 pm
Doors: 7 pm
Below are links to the PSA's that are currently airing on television. 
The Roots   PSA
Stanley Clarke PSA



Starting Monday 19th

Bolivarian Hall 6pm

Salsa Casino Class




Sunday, December 9, 2007, 5:00 pm

Residence of the Venezuelan Ambassador

Marcos Granados, Lauren Skuce and Oren Fader



November 29th to December 1st

Jack Morton Auditorium

Featuring Venezuelan Guitarist

Maestro Aquiles Baez

More Information:


Wednesday, November 28, 6:00pm

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington, D.C.

FREE CONCERT / Doors open at 5:30pm

Featuring Venezuelan Pianist Ana Karina Alamo

Perfoming the MacDowell Piano Concerto #2



November 27th

Andrés Bello Hall, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Art Exhibit: "Simbiosis" by the Venezuelan Artist

José Pedreañez




Thursday 15th

Bolivarian Hall 6pm

Art Exhibit “Pequeños Formatos”

By Jason Galárraga



Wednesday 14th

Bolivarian Hall 7pm

Film to Play and to Fight –

Tocar y Luchar



Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil "Simón Bolívar" USA Tour 2007

Thursday, November 1st, 8:00 pm - Concert Disney Hall, LA

Friday, November 2nd, 8:00 pm - Concert Disney Hall, LA

Sunday, November 4th, 7:00 pm - Concert Davies Simphony Hall, San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, November 7th, 8:00 pm – Boston Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

Sunday, November 11th, 2:00 pm – Carnegie Hall, NY

Monday, November 12th, 8:00 pm- Carnegie Hall, NY


Today, Thursday 8th

Bolivarian Hall 6:30pm

Film follow by discussion

With Sister Jenny

Saturday 10th

Bolivarian Hall 7pm

Zarzuela Di Si – Antología de la Zarzuela







Serenata Guayanesa USA Tour 2007

Sunday, October 28th, 6:00 pm - El Nuevo Rodeo, Minneapolis, MN

Wednesday, October 31th, 7:00 pm - The Sheldon, St. Louis, MO

Thursday, November 1st, 7:00 pm - Perlman Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Friday, November 2nd, 7:00 pm - Columbus Theatre, Providence, RI

Sunday, November 4th, 6:00 pm - Cullen Theatre, Houston, TX

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Embassy of Bolivia and Consules Unidos present the film:



Based on the book published in the U.S. last April, AMERICAN VISA offers a provocative glimpse into emigration bureaucracy from a Latin American perspective. 

The film adaptation, starring Mexican actors Demián Bichir and Kate Del Castillo, garnered Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actress honors at Mexico 's Ariel Awards as well as a Goya nomination for Best Foreign Film, and has been described by U.S. critics as an “earthy” and “thoughtful” portrayal of the post-9/11 political climate. 

Juan de Recacoechea was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and worked as a journalist in Europe for almost twenty years. After returning to his native country, he helped found Bolivia’s first state-run television network, served as its general manager, and dedicated himself to fiction writing. Recacoechea is the author of seven novels. American Visa is his first novel to be translated into English.


Bolivian author Juan de Recacoechea and translator Adrian Althoff  for a discussion of Recacoechea’s groundbreaking novel, American Visa, the novel’s film version, and the role of literature and cinema in illuminating the issue of Latin American immigration.

October 24 at 7pm.
Salón Bolivariano
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW. RSVP (202) 342-6828






Film Presentation and discussion:

“We Don’t Play Golf Here!”
With director and writer Saul Landau
October 16th. 7pm
Bolivarian Hall 2443 Massachusetts Ave NW.
RSVP (202) 342-6828



Much to the dismay of residents of Tepoztlan, Mexico, where they still speak the indigenous language of Nahual, foreign investors have brought globalization to their village -- building factories, shopping malls, and, most egregiously, a golf resort with 1500 vacation chalets and a country club. The newly elected Tepoztlan mayor sneered: “We don’t play that sport here,” because, he explained, maintenance of a large golf course “would sap badly needed farming water; pesticides and chemical fertilizer to maintain the grass would pollute the town’s aquifers.” Using Mexico as an example of what much of the Third World has experienced, filmmaker Saul Landau shows how foreign investment in export factories distorts the native culture and environment. With exquisite photography, elegant editing, and original music, the film probes the essence of the new economic disorder.


Teatro de la Luna presenta:
X Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano


Del destierro, al encuentro con el alma, el peregrinaje por la tierra, y...
Teatro Altosf
Teatro Danza - US Première
Dirección Juan Carlos De Petre

Octubre, Jueves 11, Viernes 12 - 8pm
Octubre, Sábado 13 - 3pm y 8pm


Gunston Arts Center - Theater Two
2700 S. Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206

En lenguaje teatral puramente visual, figurativo, un exquisito ofrecimiento intangible que cada uno deberá descifrar en confesión con su propio corazón, en intimidad con su propia alma. Dos seres que pugnan por ser uno, en la necesidad de comunión entre hombre y mujer.




Past Cultural Events





The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela cordially invites you to a film presentation:

TO PLAY AND TO FIGHT [Tocar y luchar]

Sunday, September 30th, 2007
3 pm

AFI Silver Springs Theatre as part of the Latin-American Film Festival

tocar y luchar

This captivating documentary of the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System ­ an incredible network of hundreds of town and village orchestras ­ portrays the inspirational stories of world-class musicians trained by the system including the Berlin Philharmonic¹s youngest player Edicson Ruiz and world-renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Once a modest program designed to expose rural children to the wonders of music, the film argues for the System as an  important and beautiful social experiment in modern history.

DIR/SCR Alberto Arvelo Mendoza; SCR Carlos Díaz; PROD Pedro Mezquita Arcaya, Nestor L. Lopez-Duran. Venezuela, 2006, color, 70 min. Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
Print courtesy of Cinema Sur




Cantares Musical Program Announcement

This workshop will hold its first session of 10 classes this September.
Bilingual music classes will be offered by teachers Jose Sacin and Adriana Balzan at the Bolivarian Hall of the Embassy of Venezuela. Classes will be focused on musical initiation, vocal technique, acting, choral singing and guitar. The Cantares students will form the Cantares Chorus, who will present concerts periodically and will participate in the Zarzuela “La Gran Via” to be presented by Zarzuela Di Si early next year. “La Gran Via” is a zarzuela composed by F. Chueca and J. Valverde, to be presented in the style of the successful performances of “ El Barberillo de Lavapies”.

The fee for the program is of $250 for each session of 10 one-hour classes.
The next sessions will take place in November and December.
The dates for the first session are: September 3,4,5,10,11,17,18,19,24,25 Students can choose to attend from 4 to 5 or from 5 to 6.
The Bolivarian Hall is located at 2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington DC

Programa Musical Cantares

Este taller realizará su primera sesión de 10 clases este mes de Septiembre.
Clases bilingües de música ofrecidas por los maestros José Sacin y Adriana Balzán en el Salón Bolivariano de la Embajada de Venezuela. Las clases serán enfocadas en iniciación musical, guitarra, técnica vocal, actuación y el canto coral. Se formará el Coro Cantares que presentarán conciertos cada cierto tiempo y también participarán en la Zarzuela “La Gran Vía” presentada por Zarzuela Di Si a principios de 2008. Esta es una zarzuela escrita por F.
Chueca y J. Valverde, al estilo de la exitosa presentación del “Barberillo de Lavapiés”.
El costo del programa es de $250 por cada sesión de 10 clases de 1 hora. Las siguientes sesiones se realizarán en noviembre y diciembre.
Las fechas de la primera sesión son: Septiembre 3,4,5,10,11,17,18,19,24,25 Hay dos turnos: el primero de 4 a 5, el segundo de 5 a 6.
Salón Bolivariano: 2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington DC.

For more information please contact Jose Sacin:

Teatro de la Luna



Latin American Harp Festival


Come hear the strings of the Americas vibrate to the virtuosity of these brilliant harpists.

Two unforgettable nights! An incomparable musical gift!

Cristina Cabrera (Mexico)        Ismael Ledesma (Paraguay) 

Carlos ‘Metralleta’ Orozco (Venezuela)


WHEN: Friday, September 14 & Saturday, September 15 - 7:30 pm
WHERE: Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre 1611 North Kent St., 'LL' Level, Arlington, VA 2220 ( 2 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro Station For directions visit
COST: Regular $30; Students/Seniors (60+) $25

INFO/RESV.:  703-548-3092; email:;

All funds received benefit the 10th International Festival of Hispanic Theater


Book Presentation by Bart Jones
Wednesday, September 5th
Bolivarian Hall






June 10: Aquiles Baez at the Millenium Stage. Kennedy Center. Washington DC. 6pm
June 18: C4 Trio at the Millenium Stage. Kennedy Center. Washington DC. 6pm
June 20: C4 Trio and Afro-venezuelan band Elegguá at the Bolivarian Hall 7 pm
June 21: C4 Trio at the Consulate of Venezuela in New York. 6:30pm
June 21st: Elegguá at the Plymouth Congressional United Church. Wash DC. 5:45pm
June 22: C4 Trio at the "Painted Bride Art Center". Filadelfia. 7pm
June 23: Aquiles Baez and Elegguá at the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. Wilmington, Delaware
June 27: Elegguá at the Lincoln Theater. Washington DC. 7pm 
June 28: Elegguá at the Consulate of Venezuela in New York. 6:30pm
June 29: Elegguá at the Dominican Women Development Center. New York
June 30: Elegguá at the Riverside Church de NY. 6pm
July 3:    Elegguá at the  Millenium Stage. Kennedy Center. Washington DC. 6pm
July 7:    Elegguá, Puerto Rico en la Plaza Dársenas de San Juan de Puerto Rico 6pm-8 pm
July 8:    Elegguá at the Centro Cultural de Cooperativas COPI. San Juan de Puerto Rico 
July 11: Elegguá at the Station Museum. Houston, Texas. 7pm.
July 12: Elegguá at Chevron  Corporations Headquarters. Houston , Texas . 12pm
July 14, 15: Elegguá en International Folk Art Market. Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 17: Elegguá at The Oakland Museum Theatre, Oakland 8pm
July 18 : Elegguá at The Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco. 8pm
July 19: Elegguá at La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, California . 8pm 
July 21: Elegguá at the Festival Betances of Villa Victoria. Boston. 6:30pm
August 3: Huascar Barradas at the Arturo Sandoval Club. Miami, Florida.
August 5: Huascar Barradas at the Millenium Stage. Kennedy Center. Washington DC. 6pm




Venezuelan Flutist
Huáscar Barradas

Saturday August 4th at the Bolivarian Hall

Sunday August 5th at Millenium Stage, Kennedy Center.




Bay Area, California
Venezuelan Sounds 2007



July 17: Elegguá at The Oakland Museum Theatre, Oakland 8pm (More)

July 18 : Elegguá at The Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco. 8pm (More)

July 19: Elegguá at La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, California . 8pm 


May 3rd, 2007- July 15th, 2007
9am to 1 pm- 2 pm to 5pm


Salón Andrés Bello
1099 30th Street, NW.
Washington, DC  20007


Grand Opening Copa America
June 26
At the Bolivarian Hall
Uruguay-Peru / 9-11 Venezuela-Bolivia


copa america

Primer Gran Festival Independencia de Venezuela
1 de julio


Este 1ro de julio el Festival  Venezolano más esperado del año viene más fuerte que nunca con una nueva imagen, porque 4 Seasons Productions viene a traerte el mejor Festival Cultural Venezolano de todos los tiempos. Con más de 8 años de experiencia vamos sobre pasar todas las expectativas.

Gracias a las empresas corporativa del área metropolitana de Washington DC, te vamos a brindar un domingo familiar lleno de la mejor y profesional comida típica Venezolana, entretenimiento para los niños  y los grandes, Música en vivo Junto a los Tambores del San Juan yla producción musical de DJ LEO y DJ RAINIER.

Dirección: Seneca Creek State Park
11950 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
10 am- 6 pm
Info & direciones :  1(866)-545-8135 or Email: or visit:  &

A musical voyage with the African diaspora throughout the Americas
Brother Ah and ELEGGUA
At the Lincoln Theatre
June 27



III Salsa Party "Summer Night" - Fiesta de Salsa "Noche de Verano
At the Bolivarian Hall
Friday, June 22, 2007
7:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Music and entertainment
Salsa dance demo
Silent Auction of Ibero-American art, crafts and more!
Tickets: $30 online or through the embassies ($35 limited quatity available at the door)
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20008
Dress code: very casual

Tickets here


The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the pleasure of announcing the concert of Afro-Venezuelan group Elegguá

Thursday June 21
5:45 p.m.
Playmouth Congressional United Church, 5301 N Capitol Street NW Washington, DC. 20011


Grand Opening Concert Venezuelan Sounds 2007
C4 Trio and Afro-venezuelan band ELEGGUA at the Bolivarian Hall
June 20

sounds 07

June 18th
Concierto C4 Trio
Vituoso Cuatro Players Jorge Glem, Hector Molina and Edward Ramirez at the Millenium Stage of Kennedy Center
cuatro trio

Jungle Rudy, the Chronicle of a Family Jungle Rudy, Kroniek Van Een FamilieNetherlands, 2006, 89 Minutes, Dutch, German, Spanish with English subtitles

Film Website: View Site
Interests: Latin American, Venezuela
Section: World View

Buy Tickets

Saturday, June 16, 10:45 a.m. AFI (American Film Institute) de Silver Springs

North America Premiere
Raised in luxury, Rudy turned his back on his fortune, escaped to the Venezuelan jungle, started a family and ultimately launched a tourist camp so successful that he himself had to eventually seek solace... again.

Thrusday, June 14, 2007
The Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas
The Ibero-American Cultural Attachés Association


To view items and bid to go:

June 12th, 2007
7 pm
An Evening of South American Music

Soprano Adriana Balzan
Tenor Jose Sacin
Alturas Duo
The Oyster Bilingual School Choir


Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC, 20008

June 10
Aquiles Baez at the  Millenium Stage
Kennedy Center.
Washington DC.


Zarzuela at the Bolivarian Hall
June 5 & 8, 2007
La Tabernera del Puerto


Marola: Adriana Balzan
Juan de Eguía: Jose Sacin
Leandro: Alvaro Rodriguez (5th), Pablo Henrich (8th)
Abel: Adriana Peri, Chris Herman
Antigua: Pilar Casado, Ainhoa Menchen-Mojas
Chinchorro: Fernando Delgado, Jaime Salazar
Ripalda: Luís Wanderlinder
Simpson: Félix Fernández-Pizzi, Fernando Delgado
Verdier: Olivier Delille, Guillermo Almada
Directed by Lucrecia Basualdo

At the Salon Bolivariano
2443 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

La Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela le invita cordialmente a la
Presentación y lectura del libro

Pasajeros en el tiempo
por Vladimir Monge


Fecha: miércoles 2 de mayo, 2007
Hora: 6:30 p.m.
Lugar: Embajada de Venezuela. Salón Bolivariano.
2443 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

RSVP: (202) 342-6828

Correo del autor: 

April 30th, 2007
Book Presentation
Charles Hardy author of the new book
"Cowboy in Caracas"


Charles Hardy’s Cowboy in Caracas gives the reader a view of recent Venezuelan history from a barrio perspective. When Hugo Chavez was elected in a landslide in 1998, he promised a peaceful revolution. That peaceful dream became a nightmare when Chávez was overthrown in a coup d'état in 2002. Surprisingly, he was brought back to power by his supporters, mostly barrio dwellers, within forty-eight hours. In Cowboy in Caracas, Charles Hardy draws on his experiences living and working in Venezuela for more than 20 years, of which 8 of those years were spent in a cardboard and thin shack in one of Caracas’ barrios. Although Chávez continues to be dogged by controversy, he stays in power because of these supporters who see themselves as active participants in a democratic revolution.

“This book is an antidote to the poisonous US government mantra against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Ironically, Cowboy in Caracas isn’t about Chavez, but about the exciting processes he has helped initiate and about the awakening of Venezuela’s poor whom the US media neglects.”—Saul Landau, author of A Bush & Botox World

Currently residing in Venezuela, Charles Hardy has been writing and speaking about the political and social reality of Latin America for over forty years. Born in Wyoming, he has visited almost every Central and South American country, and, as a Catholic priest, lived eight years in a cardboard shack in a Venezuelan barrio.

More (PDF)

Monday April 30th, 2007
7 pm
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20008

The Erin Currier Exhibition
will be at the Bolivarian Hall
From Monday April 30th through Friday May 11th, 2007



From New Mexico, the artist has "chosen materials that are readily available: the refuse and the packaging of products produced and consumed by every nation, for every nation, and translated in every language, on the planet. She has "traveled the world’s streets collecting the discarded with which to portray the discarded: the women, the mothers, the martyrs,the mothers of martyrs, barrio dwellers, day laborers, forced laborers, slave-wage laborers, shoeshine boys, lady boys, schoolgirls, gang girls, cholos, guerilla poets, Sandinistas, Zapatistas, Chavistas, the indigenous, the indigent, imprisoned, objectified, nullified, vilified, unfortified, unrecognized, silent, forgotten, and ordinary".  She has made a "special attempt to lend voice to those who fight for human rights, social change, and who resist unjust established orders.  I thus seek to discover humanity and to transform reality by humanizing it through art".

Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20008

Documentary "Ingerencia" - in Spanish-

April 26, 7pm.
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20008


La Embajada de la Repúblca Bolivariana de Venezuela en Estados Unidos y la Fundación Biblioteca Ayacucho
tienen el placer de invitarle a la charla

Biblioteca Ayacucho y la Integración Latinoamericana a cargo del Dr. Luis Edgar Páez

y la Presentación del libro

Miranda y la Emancipación Suramericana de José María Antepara



Viernes 13 de abril, 2007
6 pm
Salón Andrés Bello
Embajada de la República de Venezuela
Washington DC, 20007

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela cordially invites you to


Saturday April 14, 2007 at 8PM
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20007
For more information:


21 de marzo, 2007
La Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela presenta:

Los documentales - en español- sobre el gran artista venezolano Armando Reverón
-"Armando Reverón" de Edgar Anzola 16 min. 1934
-"Armando Reverón'" de Roberto Lucca 16 min. 1945
-"Reverón" de Margot Benacerraf 30 min. 1951-1952

21 de Marzo, 2007
Salón Bolivariano
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20007


"Beneath the Surface" 
March 23th, 2007

"Beneath the Surface"  a show involving "TEN" African American artists who as shown at International Visions. The artist work all have underling meanings that lie "Beneath the Surface".

The artists chosen are: Preston Sampson, Kevin Cole, Tim Davis, Betty Murchison, Frank Smith , Ron Walton, Lester Gunter, Verna Hart, Michael Platt, and Nestor Hernandez

Dates-March 15-April 28, 2007
Bolivarian Hall
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW 20008
Opening reception March 23- 6:30-9:00

Guitarrist Aquiles Baez CD release concert
Presenting his new solo guitar album "Ana Maria"


March 15th, 7pm
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20008

In celebration of International Women's Day, tribute concert to Venezuelan Composer Modesta Bor

dc festival

A program of music by Modesta Bor performed by Adriana Linares on viola, Romulo Benavides on violin, Daniel Pereira on cello and Antonio Fermin on piano  

March 9th, 7pm.
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW 20008


* Venezuela Rising, (Documentary, F26, Reality Bites/Docs, 11:30am, Sun, Mar 11 )


A political documentary which portrays the 5 days before the world’s first popular presidential referendum and most in Venezuela feel that no less than the entire future of their country is at stake. Get behind the headlines and onto the streets of Caracas to find out participatory democracy works on the ground.  Directed by Jennifer Wager, 2006,  30 mins (dc filmmaker)

Washington, DC Independent Film Festival

March 1 - 11, 2007




5 X 5 
5 New York artist and 5 Venezuelan artists
Curated by Juana Valdes
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 1st 2007 from 6:00-9:00 PM


Participating artists from Venezuela and USA: Victor Asuaje, Benjamin Arenas, Tulio Diaz, Engelbert Peña, Gregson Zambrano, David Snyder, YaQin Betty Chou, Robert Gray, Jessica Hankey, Austin Shull

March 1st, 2007 – April 5th, 2007
Salon Andres Bello
1099 30th Street, NW.
Washington, DC  20007

(202) 342 2214  

The exhibition was organized by: Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezuela.
Sponsored by: ACC Insurance Brokers Group and the Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts


The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the pleasure to invite you to an evening with St. Louis' band CITY FOLK

Saturday February 24th at 7pm at the Salon Bolivariano 2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
RSVP (202) 342-6828.
About City Folk:

City Folk was born in 2003 when Chris Pin and Sharon Hall met at jam sessions around St. Louis. The tight vocal harmonies they created led them them to pursue playing together on a regular basis.

Chris Pin, a native of New Jersey, is a skilled singer, guitarist and banjo player who toured with various bands in New York City. City Folk was fortunate to have such a rare talent join the local music scene.

Sharon Hall has a pure and beautiful singing voice and is also a very talented instrumentalist on dulcimer, guitar and hand drum. Sharon grew up singing Gospel songs in southern Missouri, a rich sound and tradition she instills into many of her City Folk performances.

In 2004, Gen Obata brought his varied background in acoustic music and songwriting to City Folk, and the band's sound reached a new level. Besides writing the band's original music, Gen plays mandolin, guitar and sings with City Folk.

City Folk plays a wide range of music from folk to rock and roll to bluegrass with unforgettable vocals and acoustic arrangements.

We will be joined by special guest Dan Hellinger, the fiery Mandolin player and vocalist from the band Maple Jam. Dan is one of the founders of a weekly open Acoustic Jam session at the Focal Point Arts Center in St. Louis. As a Political Science Professor at Webster University, Dan can be heard on local St Louis radio and television.


Celebration of Black History Month

Dear friends,

We are very excited to invite you to this year's first Venezuelan cultural event:

In celebration of Black History Month, The Smithsonian Institute, The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Petroleos de Venezuela present:


an all women percussion and vocal group from Barlovento, from the central coast of Venezuela.

Saturday, February 10th, 2007.
Baird Auditorium  at the National Museum of Natural History  
6pm. Free 

Percussion and Dance Workshop:
Sunday, February 11th, 2007.
Bolivarian Hall
2pm. Free

This program celebrates the influence of African culture on the music of the Americas. Brother Ah, founding director of World Music Ensemble, and a variety of guests explore the continuum of African traditional music by focusing on the blues idiom. Then the vocal and percussion group Elegua -- 9 women who are direct descedants of African slaves who cultivated cocoa and coffee in the Barlovento region on the central coast of Venezuela -- perform. These women are dedicated to researching and rescuing the purest African roots in their music. All the evening's performers come together for a finale.

For complete schedule of February heritage events

and for more Venezuelan cultural events, check our website at:

Sponsored by: 

La Misión Permanente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela ante la Organización de Estados Americanos y la Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Washington DC


Presentan la Clausura de la Muestra Pictórica
"Mendigo de Sueños"

Florencio Antonio Guzmán Sequeda
14 de diciembre de 2006
6:00 PM

Salón Andrés Bello
Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela
1099 30th Street NW
Washington DC 20007


For any questions, please send an email to



The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Cordially invites you to celebrate the release of

Saturday, December 9, 2006 – 7:00 PM


Bolivarian Hall
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
2443 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

After the concert there will be a cocktail
RSVP: (202) 342-6828
or E-mail:

We hope you will enjoy this collection of wonderful songs from ten countries, all favorites of World Children’s Choir singers. The singers range in age from five to seventeen. Let Us Be United is being released to celebrate the World Children’s Choir Seventeenth Anniversary Season, and WCC’s new program, Music at the Heart of Literacy that provides free cultural activities for children age 8 - 12 from financially disadvantaged families living in Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Activities include instruction in singing, choreography, and West African drumming and dancing, and performance opportunities. The Initial rehearsal location in DC is the Bolivarian Hall at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Sondra Harnes, WCC Founder/Artistic Director


This wonderful collection of international folk songs, classical vocal repertoire, and inspirational songs is filled with an engaging variety of style, mood, and message. These songs from many lands, in many languages, are filled with the sheer joy of being alive and of being able to celebrate life together. In these songs the children share the stories and the truths that remind us that inside we are all the same.

James Selway, WCC Associate Director




The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Cordially invites youn to

Concert of Wilmington's Childrens Choir

Bolivarian Hall

December 2nd, 7pm


Bolivarian Hall
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
2443 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

The Embassy Series & The Embassy of Venezuela
proudly present
Vanessa Pérez, Piano

Tickets available at

Embassy of Venezuela
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 8 PM



The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela & The Venezuela Information Office
present a film and panel on:

Venezuela's Electoral System
and the 2006 Presidential Election

Panel Discussion with:
Skipper Bailey- Film Maker and Producer of Venezuela Rising
Catherine Murphy- Producer of Venezuela Rising
Olivia B. Goumbri- Associate Director, Venezuela Information Office

A film on the 2004 Referendum Vote to Recall President Chavez

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006 at 7pm
Bolivarian Hall, 2443 Massachustetts Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

As seen through the eyes of grandmother and community organizer Gladys Bolivar, the documentary follows her and her compatriots five days before it is to be decided by popular referendum whether Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will continue in office or step down. The entire nation has been mobilized will it be SI yes he will be recalled, or NO he will remain in office. Most in Venezuela feel that no less than the entire future of their country is at stake. Issues of democracy and politics are addressed -- what constitutes a free and fair election -- and is that enough to ensure citizen participation? How are elections the ultimate measure of a thriving democracy? Venezuela Rising gets behind the headlines and into the neighborhoods of Caracas to find out how participatory democracy works on the ground.

A discussion with the producers and staff from the Venezuela Information Office on Venezuela's upcoming presidential election will follow the screening. With presidential elections scheduled for December 3, understanding Venezuela's electoral system and civic participation is relevant now more than ever.

Space is limited, PLEASE RSVP: (202) 347-8081 x602



The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela invites you to

Celebrate Francisco de Miranda

Please join us on Wednesday November 20th at 6 pm,
we honor the memory of the 10 American men who gave their lives in Venezuela's struggle for independence

November 20th
Library of Congress
Montpelier Room, 6th Floor
Madison Building

Hope you can join us!


Premios Ministerio de la Cultura serán entregados el próximo domingo

(Caracas, 14 de noviembre de 2006).-El Caracazo, de Román Chalbaud; El día que me quieras, de José Ignacio Cabrujas, Pabellón de Gimnasia en San Cristóbal, del arquitecto Jorge Rigamonti, son algunos de los premiados.

Más Información





This Wednesday November 15th at 7pm

Los Diablos is an original play written as a reflection about Los Diablos Danzantes of Venezuela. Through interviews and folk stories, the play tries to explore why the devils dance, and the ever- changing conception of good versus evil.

This program is presented thanks to the generous support of: The Law Office of Pertierra & Toro, P.C.

Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave, NW
RSVP(202) 342-6828


November 8- December 6: Art and photography exhibit. "Horizons" by Colombian artists Marta Gutierrez and Adriana Echavarría


Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Andres Bello Hall 6-8pm.
1099 30th Street NW
Washington DC, 20007




November 7: Lecture. Greg Grandin. Georgetown University, ICC 450

Profesor Greg Gradin teaches at New York University and is the author of "Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States and the rise of new imperialism".


November 2
Recital "Adriana Balzan, Soprano

Bolivarian Hall. 7pm

2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20008
RSVP 202 342-6828


The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and
The Embassy of Portugal

cordially invites you to the opening of the art exhibit

"O mar que nos une, o mar que nos separa"

by three Portuguese artists
Leonor Alvim, Ana Boulain and Leonor Brazão.
October 11 through November 1, 2006

The artists’ opening reception will be held on Wednesday
October 11th 6 to 8 pm, Portuguese music by José Maria. During the cocktail will be served Portuguese wine and food.

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Andres Bello Hall
1099 30th Street NW
Washington, D.C.
RSVP 202 342-6828


The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela cordially invites you a book presentation this Saturday October 21st at 7pm.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope

Since 1998, the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela has brought Hugo Chavez to world attention as the foremost challenger of the neoliberal consensus and American foreign policy. Drawing on first-hand experience of Venezuela and meetings with Chavez, Tariq Ali shows how Chavez’s views have polarized Latin American and examines the hostility directed against his administration.

Ali also discusses the enormous influence of Fidel Castro on both Chavez and Evo Morales of Bolivia. Infused with references to the culture and poetry of South America, Pirates of the Caribbean guides us through a world divided between privilege and poverty, a continent that is once again on the march.

Hope you can join us!

Saturday October 21st at 7pm
Bolivarian Hall 2443 Massachusetts Ave, NW.
Please RSVP at (202) 342-6828 due to limited space


Venezuelan Film Maroa this Weekend in Washington DC

MAROA: Great performances from the young cast highlight this hard-hitting melodrama. Yorlis Dominguez plays 11-year-old Maroa, who struggles with the lure of the Caracas streets and a fractious life at home with her violent granny.

When granny’s ne’er-do- well boyfriend is implicated in a shooting, Maroa is arrested and sent to reform school. At first she doesn’t fit in, but the youth orchestra teacher brings her out of her shell.


Friday Oct 6: 07:00 at the Erique Iglesias Auditorium at the IDB. Free Admission Saturday Oct 7: 12:15 at the American Film Institute in Silver Springs
Sunday Oct 8: 12:15 at the American Film Institute in Silver Springs

Sorry to inform that the event "Celebrating Francisco de Miranda" schedule for September 28th at the Library of Congress has been postponed until next month

Estreno de nueva obra para flauta del compositor cubano Paquito D'Rivera

El 2 de septiembre, el flautista venezolano Marco Granados estrenó una nueva obra para flauta del famoso compositor Cubano Paquito D'Rivera en el Festival Internacional De Moab, en el estado de Utah, Estados Unidos.





Painting Exhibition Tony Fink
Salon Andres Bello
1099 30th Street NW
Washington DC 20007
9 am to 1pm- 2pm to 5pm
Until October 6
, 2006

Antonio Fink was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1964. He went to U.T. Pan American in Texas, U.S.A. in 1984 to study fine arts. His first exhibit happens in 1986, and in 1988 he receives awards for his black and white photography about socio-economic injustice in Mexico from the local museum in South Texas. Fink returns to Mexico City in 1989 where he exhibits acrylics on canvas and ceramic objects in private galleries.




“Pinturas” by Rafael Gallardo at the Embassy of Venezuela


The Venezuelan artist Rafael Gallardo is introducing his paintings in Washington DC by courtesy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. With the denomination “Pinturas (Paintings)”, the show will take place at the Embassy gallery, Andres Bello Hall, from July 27th to August 28th, Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Andres Bello Hall
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela
1099 30th Street NW. Washington DC


Venezuelan Sounds 2006

"Venezuelan Sounds"sponsored by Chevron Corporation is a cultural program during which the most talented Venezuelan musicians of every region representing the full spectrum of all the Venezuelan musical spheres will be invited. Musicians living in Venezuela as well as those living abroad. Established artists that already have an international career as well as the young and upcoming ones. They will offer performances of the broad range of folkloric styles of each region as well as more contemporary versions of it.


Venezuelan Sounds 2006: Closing Concert Reception Thursday July 20th, 7 pm

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela invites you to the Closing Concert Reception of Venezuelan Sounds 2006.

Juan Tomas Martinez (baritone), Aquiles Baez (guitar) and the Cuatro Trio at the Bolivarian Hall this coming Thursday at 7pm. Reception to follow.

Hope you can join us!

Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20008

Venezuela inaugura hoy III Festival Mundial de Poesía

Venezuela nuevamente será sede del Festival Mundial de Poesía, evento que se celebrará desde este lunes 17 hasta el domingo 23 julio, y cuyo acto inaugural será en el Teatro Teresa Carreño.

El evento internacional, organizado por el Ministerio de la Cultura a través del Centro Nacional del Libro (Cenal).

Más información

Ambassadors of a Vibrant Sound

Boston Globe
Andrew Gilbert, Globe Correspondent
July 9, 2006
Page: N5
Section: Arts / Entertainment

BERKELEY, Calif. - When petroleum prices hit record highs last year, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made headlines by selling more than 12 million gallons of home-heating oil to low-income Americans in the Northeast at below-market prices.

Now Venezuela is offering Bostonians an option on another natural resource: The Venezuelan Sounds 2006 tour, which includes concerts in Washington, D.C., New York, Berkeley, and Puerto Rico, showcases some of the South American nation's finest musicians. It comes to the Regattabar on Wednesday. The Boston portion of the festival features two stellar bands led by Venezuelan players who have settled in the United States. On the bill are multi-instrumentalist Jackeline Rago and her band Snake Trio, based in the San Francisco area, and Boston-based pianist Leo Blanco's jazz trio with bassist Peter Slavov and percussionist Jamey Haddad.



Cuatro Trio: Four Strings, Six Hands

Wed., July 12, 7:30 p.m.

Venezula’s national instrument takes the stage in the form of Cuatro Trio, a 3-man ensemble playing the cuatro, a 4-stringed, small-bodied guitar. The sound of the cuatro is as light & airy as the diminutive instrument itself, played with quick strumming, lightweight bursts of sound, and shifting intervals, emphasizing both rhythm & bright harmonies characteristic of Venezuelan folk music.

The trio, composed of Jorge Glem, Edward Ramirez, and Hector Molina, has collectively been awarded 4 of the top awards for solo artists in 2004 & 2005 at the International Siembra del Cuatro Awards in Bolivar. Cuatro Trio represents a new generation of musicians raising the level of complexity in Venezuelan music, showcasing recent advances in cuatro technique. Sample a slice of Venezuelan culture that hails back to the tiny guitarrillo and guitarra requinta of medieval Spain, as modern musicians update both sound & standards of the craft in an evening of unforgettable virtuosity.

Tickets: Gen. Admission $20, RAP Members $15

Location: S. Dillon Ripley Center, Lecture Hall; 1100 Jefferson Drive, S.W.

Art and Culture: Exhibit of Venezuelan Folk Art

Weaver Center, Institute of the Americas Complex
La Jolla, California

A rich popular arts movement steeped in cultural tradition exists throughout the cordillera of the Andes. The movement’s epicenter is in the city of Mérida, but nearby towns of San Rafael de Tabay, Ejido, Tovar, Bailadores and La Grita offer excellent opportunities to explore a fascinating culture lively in wood carving, painting, textiles and ceramics. Handicrafts found here rival any produced by other Latin American artisans. At this exhibit you will be able to appreciate various forms of Venezuelan popular art. The pieces are part of the Latin American art collection of Institute member Larry Kent.

“Popular” art is a symbolic explanation of the artist’s universe, encompassing a wide variety of themes in ways that are neither superficial nor naive. The works are manifestations of the spontaneity of the beautiful, simple yet profound, and bound by the creator’s life experiences and circumstances. The exhibit will be on display until Tuesday, August 1, 2006.

More information:

- June 16th to July 16th: "Palafitos" a photography exhibit

Ver: "Los Palafitos del Sur del Lago en Washington DC"

Past Events

Noche de Baile
June 9, 2006
7 pm-midnight
300 tickets available

The Association of Ibero-American Cultural Attachés invites you to celebrate the opening of the Soccer World Cup with a NOCHE DE BAILE, featuring:


Bolivarian Hall at the Venezuelan Embassy:
2443 Massachussetts Ave. NW,
Washington, DC.
Dress code: Business Casual

Tickets Reservation

Profits after taxes go to events promoting Ibero American culture - The Association of Ibero American Cultural Attachés is a non-profit organization.


"Crossroads Ensemble"

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006. 7pm

About the band: Award winning instrumentalists Juancho Herrera of Caracas-Venezuela and Mattan Klein of Jerusalem-Israel were born over 6000 miles apart. Their roads however, have crossed in the United States and their musical and cultural backgrounds created the foundations for one of the most exquisite world music collaborations in North America. Juancho and Mattan's love and admiration for each other's musical tradition and rich religious culture brought together two of New York's busiest composers and performers to create a true world music cross-over project, which involves latin, jewish, brazilian, ladino and jazz elements but all the while preserves the innovative voices they both carry as representatives of their nations.

They will be joined by very special guest vocalist Anath. French-Israeli performer, she spent her childhood years in Tel Aviv and Paris, where she would later decide to live. Anath grew up listening to the classics of egyptian music, like Farid El Atrash and Oum Kaltoum, but also to music in the tradition of the “Chanson Française”.

Hope you can join us!

Bolivarian Hall
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW. Washington DC

RSVP: (202)342-6828.

For more information:

Coming up this summer "Venezuelan Sounds 2006"


"Woodcut Prints and Paintings" by Gloria Calderon

At age 20, Mrs Calderon left her native Colombia to live in Paris where she studied at the Atelier 17 and the Atelier Adac. There, she met her husband, a Venezuelan ecologist with whom she cultivated her passion for nature, which is evident in her work.

Andres Bello Hall
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela
1099 30th Street NW. Washington DC

"Miradas" by Venezuelan Painter Edgar Alvarez Estrada

In celebration of the anniversary of the birthdate of General Francisco de
Miranda and in commemoration of the anniversary of the first Revolutionist

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela presented the exhibition:"Miradas" by Venezuelan Painter Edgar Alvarez Estrada

Francisco de Miranda: Venezuelan revolutionist. Precursor and
hero of the struggle for independence from Spain, he involved himself in a
number of adventures. He was part of the independence wars in the United
States when, as an officer in the Spanish army, he served in the Spanish
attack on Pensacola, Florida (1781), when Spain was an ally of the rebels in
the American Revolution.

He traveled widely in Europe, particularly in Russia, where
he became a favorite of Catherine the Great. In France he fought in the
French Revolutionary Wars. 2006 marks the 200 year anniversary of the first
liberating expedition of Gen. Miranda in search of support for his dream of
independence, when he visited Philadelphia and Boston and met George
Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and other notables.


February Film Series: The Venezuelan Process Through the Eyes of Foreign
Film Makers

Every wednesday of February we will be screening a documentary by diverse
film makers of all over the world:

- "The Fourth World War" by Marcelo Andrade (US/ Venezuela)
A documentary that explores Venezuela's social divisions, presenting the
conditions and policies that led to the election of President Chavez.
Essential viewing to help understand the context of the Bolivarian

- "The Revolution will not be Televised" by Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'Briain
Two Irish documentarians were in Caracas to make a movie about President
Hugo Chavez when the shoot was interrupted by a coup d'etat. Kim Bartley
and Donnacha O'Briain's film capture on film the remarkable 2-day period
when the people of Venezuela rose up to reinstate their president to office.

- "Conversations with Hugo Chavez" by Aleida Guevara (Cuba/ Australia)
An exploration of modern Venezuelan politics through interviews with
President Chavez and the people of Venezuela. The interviews were conducted
by Aleida Guevara, daughter of Ernesto "Che" Guevara

- "Turmoil" by Rhett Muse (US)
This documentary delves into Venezuela's chaotic world of coup d'etat,
strikes, oil production shutdown, poverty, political reform, foreign
intervention and violent street clashes.

7pm at the Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachustetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20008
RSVP: (202) 342-6828

Museum of Latinamerican Arts

Jesús Soto
Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005 - Sunday, March 19, 2006

628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562/437-1689

Jesús Rafael Soto adopted Kinetic art as his means of artistic expression. His objects are virtual volumes installed in space that seem to interact with their environments (nature, urban space, etc.). Born in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela in 1923, Soto studied at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas ( School of Fine Arts) in Caracas with Carlos Cruz-Diez and Alejandro Otero, two Venezuelan pioneers of Kinetic art. With the advent in Venezuela of Marcos Pérez-Jimenéz’s dictatorship, Soto resigned as director of Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Maracaibo, a position he held from 1947 to 1950. Consequently, he moved to Paris where he joined the circle of abstract artists associated with the Salon des Realités Nouvelles.

Soto developed a kinetic vocabulary with origins in serializations that produced optical vibrations, these in turn, modified both space and the viewer’s perception. He also experimented with chromatic planes and the transformable qualities of color, exploring the relationship between parallel lines and the figure/background and foreground.

In 1973 he founded Museo de Arte Moderno Jesús Soto ( Museum of Modern Art Jesús Soto) in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela, with works from his collection; Villanueva designed the building for the museum. In 1997 Soto received the National French Prize for Sculpture. Soto died in January 2005.

His work has been exhibited in different countries around the world and can be found in the hall of the UNESCO building in Paris (1969), the Bank of Toronto (1977) and at the Forum of the Centre Pompidou in Paris (1987).

December 15th, 2005
Venezuelan Painter Gabriel Bracho


The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela cordially invite you to the opening of exhibition of Venezuelan painter GABRIEL BRACHO

The most polemic and committed painter of modern art's social movement in Venezuela, Gabriel Bracho is confirmed and affirmed for his courage and his esthetics within the panorama of 20th century Venezuelan plastic arts.

1099 30th Street NW, Washington DC 20007
"Andres Bello" Hall.
RSVP (202)342-6828

December 9th, 7pm
Carpentier Quartet
Latin music in a classical quartet setting

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela cordially invite you to an evening with the Carpentier

Date: December 9th
"Bolivarian Hall" 2443 Massachusetts Ave, NW
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The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
World Children's Choir

Let Us Be United

Saturday, December 10, 2005 7:00 PM
Bolivarian Hall
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW.
Washington DC, 20008

RSVP: (202)342-6828

The concert includes international folk songs from Brazil, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, and Venezuela; songs of peace and inspiration; Gospel and Spiritual; European classical and opera; and Broadway musical selections. The World Children's Choir has been appointed to the Artists Roster of the Kennedy Center, has performed for three US Presidents, UN Sec. General Kofi Anan, other world leaders, at embassies, on Capital Hill, and in national and international radio and television broadcasts.

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"The History of Radio in Venezuela" presented by the Museo de la Radio

Exhibition: October 20th- November 17th, 2005
Monday to Friday: 9 am-1pm
1099 30th Street NW, Washington DC 20007
"Andrés Bello" Hall

November 10th, 6pm
Lecture: Francisco de Miranda
Bolivarian Hall
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008


Miranda is remembered in Venezuela for his ill-fated landing in la Vela de Coro (Falcon) on August 3, 1806 to launch a Revolution ... the apathy of local inhabitants forced him to beat a retreat to fight for another day. A monument showing the Venezuelan flag Miranda brought with him when his small but determined group landed hoping to spark off the rebellion against Mother Spain.

Miranda is an important personality in Venezuela's War of Independence and has the distinction of having fought in the American Civil War

- Francisco de Miranda
- Cónsul General Vinicio Romero, Historiador
- Historiador Vinicio Romero aboga por integración con el pueblo norteamericano

October 27th
Chiara Civello

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela cordially invite you to a Cafe Concert with Italian singer Chiara Civello

Date: October 27th, 2005
"Bolivarian Hall" Salón Bolivariano
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008

Aquiles Báez triunfa en el Duke Ellington Jazz Festival de Washington DC

(Washington DC, 5 de octubre, 2005).-Con gran éxito se presentó el reconocido guitarrista y compositor venezolano Aquiles Báez, en el Festival Duke Ellington Jazz que se realizó por primera vez en Washington DC del 28 de septiembre al 2 de octubre.

En este Festival de Jazz que se realizará todos los años en la capital de Estados Unidos, participaron artistas de la talla de Wayne Shorter, Jerry Gonzalez y el Fort Apache jazz band; Brian Blade, Rodney Wallace , John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Arturo O'Farril, Larry Coryell y el venezolano Aquiles Báez.


Duke Ellington Jazz Festival: Aquiles Baez Trio on Friday 30, 2005

Aquiles Baez Trio
Bohemian Caverns
Washington, DC
Friday, September 30, 2005 8:00 PM

Aquiles Baez will also playing a solo show on Saturday, October 1st, 2005
ALERO: 1301 U Street.
Tel: 202-462-2322


Classical and Latinamerican guitar music with Jesús Álvarez

Date: September 23rd 2005. Time: 7pm.
RSVP (202) 342-6828
Salón Bolivariano
2443 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008

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- Thurs., July 21st 2005The Caracas Clarinet Quartet
Thurs., July 14, 7:30 p.m. The Snake Trio
"Gala Concert in celebration of Venezuela's Independence Day" July 5th, 2005
Claudia Calderon "El Piano Llanero", Thurs., June 30th, 2005
Thurs.,June 23rd, 2005 Cecilia Todd and Marco Granados
June 15th, 7 PM: Aquiles Baéz (More)
May 26, 2005: Arpa, cuatro y maracas en el
Salón Bolivariano

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