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Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez

Statement of Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez on Heating Oil Events in Maine

Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez-Herrera was unable to attend two heating oil events today in Maine, due to the delay of numerous flights from Washington, D.C. Below is his statement on the heating oil programs launched today in Maine.

Statement of Bernardo Alvarez-Herrera,
Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
in the United States

I regret that the delays of numerous flights have made it impossible for me to be with you on this special occasion, the historic moment connecting the people of my country with the people of Maine and, in particular, with your four native tribes.

We are pleased that CITGO has the resources to be able to help keep people in New England warm this winter. CITGO has supplied heating oil in North America for decades, and so when President Chavez asked them?in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita?to find a way to help low-income Americans, this program was born.

In Venezuela, as in your country, our indigenous people have been left behind for too long. Prosperity has eluded them. Now our government has decided to change that and to give our native people the dignity and opportunities they deserve. We respect their cultures, traditions, and their own ways of participating in national development.

This CITGO-Venezuela heating oil assistance program is consistent with our belief that in the 21st century we all need to work together in the Americas?North and South?to integrate regional economies and find ways to reduce poverty and expand opportunities. We are all Americans.

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