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Ambassador Alvarez Responds to Inter-American Dialogue Report

Washington, August 16, 2005 ? Today the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela made public a letter written by Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez and directed to the members of the Inter-American Dialogue, a well-known think-tank on inter-American affairs.

Dated August 4, 2005, Ambassador Alvarez?s letter lists his objections and criticisms of the Inter-American Dialogue?s most recent policy report, ?A Break in the Clouds: Latin America and the Caribbean in 2005,? in which Venezuela is criticized in shortsighted and narrow-minded fashion. The letter was sent to the members of the organization ? prominent academics, journalists, and policymakers from across the hemisphere ? through the organization?s office in Washington, D.C.

Alvarez?s letter outlines his specific objections to the report?s characterization of Venezuela, noting that ?the report lacks original thinking, critical analysis, or progressive proposals for change and tends towards the trap of promoting a policy of isolation for Venezuela that has been outwardly rejected by every country in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Canada and Mexico.? He furthermore argues against the neo-liberal economic reforms that have resulted in rising levels of inequality in the region, and encourages dialogue on promoting solutions to poverty, inequality, and social and economic development.

Letter sent by Ambassador Alvarez to the Interamerican Dialogue (PDF)

Inter-American Dialogue?s Report (PDF)

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