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Social Missions

(PDF) July 2007 Estatistics (Spanish)

Robinson Mission

The objective of the Robinson Mission is to eradicate illiteracy, by applying programs that facilitate the access to education for all Venezuelans in different levels. This mission uses an innovative pedagogical audiovisual system to provide for a better learning experience.

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Robinson II Mission

The foundation of this program is to provide the Venezuelan people with the opportunity to pass the sixth grade of primary education, with the goal of consolidating the knowledge acquired during the literacy teaching and providing various training models to conduct diverse skilled labor. This mission uses a method called "I can keep going", which consists in using televisions, audio and supporting brochures, with the guidance of a facilitator that conducts the teaching experience in groups of 15 participants.

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Ribas Mission

Ribas Mission has the goal of helping every person that has been unable to complete High School, benefiting the citizens that, regardless of age, still want to complete their secondary education. This mission provides the future graduates with the education needed to address the problems of their communities and to participate in the development of the national production apparatus. This mission has the logistic support of the President of PDVSA and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.

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Sucre Mission


This is an initiative from the Venezuelan State and the Bolivarian Government which main objective is to promote institutional synergy and community participation, to guarantee that every high school graduate can have access to a college education and transform the conditions of those excluded from the higher education sub-system

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Barrio Adentro Mission

This mission's general objective is to guarantee that the excluded population can have access to health services, by using a comprehensive health management model geared towards achieving a better standard of living with the creation of medical centers and popular clinics as well as "the people's hospitals" among communities that have limited access to health coverage. This mission provides prescription drugs, dental coverage and optical services free of charge.

Barrio Adentro II

The objective of this mission is to create a Center for Integral Diagnosis, with facilities that are conditioned with basic equipment to conduct diagnosis: X rays machines, electrocardiogram machines, ultrasounds, and laboratories, among others. These centers guarantee medial emergency assistance and basic diagnosis studies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Barrio Adentro III

The objective of this mission is to strengthen the third level of assistance as part of the National Public Health System. It encompasses the modernization of the public hospitals' network that belong to the Ministry of Health, the Governor's Offices, the IVSS (Venezuelan Social Security Institute), PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela), the Military Health System and IPASME (Institute for the Prevention and Social Assistance for the Employees of the Ministry of Education and Sports). This mission has an integral goal that includes: modernizing and updating medical technology, changing the model of assistance, restructuring the management model from which synergy can be promoted, promoting community participation and constructing new hospitals to guarantee access to medical attention for all citizens in order to transform the conditions of the population that has been excluded from the medical sub-system.

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Milagro Mission

This mission performs free eye surgeries for low-income citizens. It started in July 2004 as an agreement signed between Cuba and Venezuela. At the beginning only Venezuelan patients were serviced, but now it has been extended to other Latin American countries. The types of operations conducted include: cataracts, pterigión and ptosis palpebral.

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Alimentacion Mission

The objective of this mission is to guarantee Venezuelans access to good nutrition, in a timely and efficient manner, by using a synergic commercial and social food distribution network that can reach the less-favored sectors of the population. The Agricultural Supply and Services Corporation (CASA in Spanish), Food Markets (MERCAL in Spanish), the Foundation of Strategic Food Programs (FUNDAPROAL in Spanish), Café Venezuela, and the recently incorporated Office of the Superintendent of Silos form this network; all of which are fundamental entities conducting this mission's works. The Alimentacion Mission is part of a government policy influenced by the new socialism. For this reason it incorporates small businesses and cooperatives as suppliers for the CASA Corporation and the MERCAL network, stimulating both the generation of new sources of employment and local production.

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Vuelvan Caras Mission

This mission was created to eradicate poverty by fighting unemployment. The government has had to implement employment programs that have included the creation of cooperatives for specific activities. With this mission, opportunities have been granted for millions of unemployed citizens to develop skills in various areas of production and services, providing paid training for productive employment. Additionally access to credit and employment opportunities in the public sector have been facilitated.

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Hábitat Mission

This mission addresses housing needs, providing solutions not only in terms of the construction area but also for the comprehensive development of habitats by building integral urban areas that could have access to services ranging from health to education. Among its main objectives is the evaluation of the land to be used for the construction of Housing Centers for Endogenous Self-Sustainable Development.

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Guaicaipuro Mission

This is an initiative to address the needs of the indigenous peoples and communities, respecting and promoting their social, political, economical and cultural organization as well as their costumes, languages, religions, habitat and original rights to the ancestral lands that they traditionally occupy and that are needed to develop and guarantee their lifestyles as demanded by the Constitution. One of the Mission's essential responsibilities is to guarantee agricultural food security and provide a harmonious and sustainable development for these communities, framed in the visions of ethnical development.

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Zamora Mission

Zamora Mission hopes to reorganize the ownership and use of agricultural unused lands for eradicating latifundiums. This is a constitutional guideline framed within the transformation process that Venezuela is experiencing, to reach equality and social equity fulfilling Article 307 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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Piar Mission

Piar Mission was created to provide the small mining industry with five axis contemplated in the Nation's Social and Economic Development Plan (Economic, Social, Political, Territorial and International), without altering the environmental equilibrium. This policy aims at transforming the old production relations, to put an end to the appropriation of the most productive mining areas by transnational companies and to also put an end to the plundering of our national resources and tax evasion.

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Identidad Mission

Identidad Mission was created to fulfill the mandate of the Constitution of granting the right to exist to thousands of forgotten Venezuelans, by an identification national plan that brought identities to residents of excluded and judicially undefended sectors that had been denied of this right, such as: low income areas, rural areas, and indigenous areas.

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Miranda Mission

The goal of this social program is centered fundamentally in the organization, recruitment, control, and retraining of the reserves of the National Armed Force (FAN in Spanish), in order to contribute with the security and integrity of the geographic space of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This objective is achieved by defending the military, the cooperation in the maintenance of the internal order and the active participation in the national development, all framed in a new real model of development and social justice.

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Cultura Mission

The Cultura Mission Foundation, which is ascribed to the Ministry of Culture, was created as an alternative for reinforcing the national identity of citizens in the Venezuelan territory. This initiative is framed in the process of decentralizing, democratizing and broadening the Venezuelan culture, with the goal of providing academic and employment alternatives for the population.

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Árbol Mission

This mission is created with the objective of recuperating the green areas and forests, as well as providing a shelter for animal species and the conservation of lands and rivers. It is oriented to promoting the communities' participation in a leading role in the construction of a new model of development founded on the recuperation, conservation and sustainable use of forests for the improvement of their well being.

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Negra Hipólita Mission

It is directed to fighting exclusion as well as supporting every street child that suffers from a sudden attack from poverty. Negra Hipolita Mission has the goal of coordinating and promoting everything related to providing full attention to every child, teenager, adult, handicapped person, and senior citizen that lives in the streets under extreme poverty. Protection committees and community organizations, that diagnose every specific social situation nationwide, guarantee the functioning of this mission.

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Ciencia Mission

It promotes the massive incorporation and articulation of social and institutional actors by economic, social, academic and political networks for the intensive and extensive use of the knowledge related to the endogenous development and Latin American integration. This program promotes interaction among the country's productive sectors, stimulating the socialization of knowledge for unifying efforts and consolidating the strategic guidelines for the creation of a new economic and productive system.

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Madres del Barrio Mission

Madres del Barrio Mission has the goal of supporting needing housewives and their families, so they can overcome extreme poverty and prepare to defeat poverty in their communities by incorporating social programs and missions, promoting support within the community and providing a financial allowance.

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