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Painting Exhibition Tony Fink
Salon Andres Bello,September 8th, 2006

Antonio Fink was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1964. He went to U.T.
Pan American in Texas, U.S.A. in 1984 to study fine arts. His first exhibit happens in 1986, and in 1988 he receives awards for his black and white photography about socio-economic injustice in Mexico from the local museum in South Texas. Fink returns to Mexico City in 1989 where he exhibits acrylics on canvas and ceramic objects in private galleries.

Fink's ceramic work is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico and two years later in the Carrillo Gil Museum as well. He meets and, in 1992, marries Ariadna Ibarguengoytia. They settle in Mexico City. In 1993 Fink organizes an exhibit in his studio in Mxcoac. The exhibit features work by Fink, Guillermo Rangel, Maribel Portela, Gabriel Kuri, and Guillermo Kahlo.

In 1995 the couple moves to Philadelphia, PA. Fink is accepted into a five year residency program at The Clay Studio. His first solo is at the Clay Studio gallery in March of 1997. The show features 6 x 2 feet tile paintings of human figures mounted on wood. The colors are bright and intense, and the primitive figures narrate different stages and roles of man and woman together in life: annunciation, pregnancy, mother and child. In June of that year Mathias Fink Ibarguengoytia is born in Philadelphia. Fink works alongside Leroy Johnson, Kukuli Velarde and Hirotsune Tashima at the Clay Studio. In 1998 he participates in "Clay on the Fringe," an exhibit of Ceramic Installations. His work is exhibited in numerous galleries in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. In January of 2000 Emilio Fink Ibarguengoytia is born in Philadelphia. In September Antonio Fink receives the Future Faculty Fellowship from Tyler School of Art to pursue a Masters in Ceramics.

In the Summer of 2001, Fink receives another award from Tyler to study Vision and Rationale in Rome, Italy. He manages to produce work in Rome after appropriating large scale vinyl canvases with images of Roman classic reliefs. In 2002 he finishes "Celebrate," and installation with 800 wheel thrown and altered cylinders on a Tyler Campus lawn.

"Celebrate," is a memorial for the living: his peers at the School. Each component took a name of a student, and was installed alphabetically on the lawn. It took one year to create this project. Fink is awarded the Masters in Ceramics in 2002, and is soon hired by The Haverford School in Haverford, PA. to teach art.
Since his first year at Haverford, Fink manages the art gallery there and curates exhibits year round. He also shows his work at the Haverford gallery: Serigraphy in 2003 and Rare Portraits in Clay in 2005.

For the Summer of 2006 Fink will work with Curlee Holton as a resident artist in the print making studios of Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

Fink is working on drawings of the human figure in motion, and plans to create large prints on canvas during his stay at Lafayette College.

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