The Crossroads in Washington DC

Washington DC, November 8th 2004. (Embassy Press). Last Friday, November 5th, The Crossroads Ensemble performed at The Bolivarian Hall at the Venezuelan Embassy. Invited by Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez H., the ensemble performed a fusion of Klezmer, Venezuelan and Brazilian music.

The band members come from such distant lands as Israel, France and Venezuela. The trio met in Boston when they where all going to school at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, more than a decade ago.

Juancho Herrera, the charismatic singer and guitar player from Venezuela, captivated the audience with a beautiful performance of “Los Bilbilicos”, a beautiful song from the 13th century in the Ladino language, also known as the “sephardic Spanish”.

The concert continued with songs from the Brazilian repertoire, one of them, an instrumental version of Caetano Veloso’s “Trilhos Urbanos”. Mr. Klein’s flute transformed the hall’s atmosphere’s into one full of sensuality and tranquility, which was the ideal mood for the next piece: What’s new? “A composition inspired in the question I ask
myself, when encountering the never-ending conflicts we live in each of our countries” said Mr. Klein.

The long years of friendship and musical collaboration where felt not only in the group’s accomplished ensemble playing, but also individually in each of their solos. French bass player Ben Zwerin’s versatility while navigating
through the complex klezmer then Venezuelan and then Brazilian rhythms, demonstrated his deep understanding and connection to each one of them.

Juancho Herrera and The Crossroads Ensemble live in New York where they work as composers and performers. Mr. Herrera is presently mixing his upcoming album with prestigious Venezuelan engineer and producer Fernando Aponte.

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