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Clara Rodríguez writes:
The late Aldemaro Romero (1930-2007)

aldemaroAldemaro Romero was born in Valencia, Carabobo State in 1930. Pianist, conductor and composer, he created a distinctive Venezuelan-Jazz idiom called Onda Nueva. He wrote hundreds of songs of which many of them became “number one hits” in Venezuela. Titles such as El Catire, Carretera, De Repente, Quinta Anauco, De Conde A Principal belong to the folk conscience of the Venezuelan people.

Aldemaro Romero also wrote a large number of orchestral pieces, concertos for soloists and orchestra, one opera, a Cantata for Andrés Eloy Blanco and the Oratorio “Simón Bolívar”. He also made a series of recordings for RCA Victor and for many Venezuelan labels. He won the Olympic Modern Song Contest in Athens with the song “Tu y yo formamos una multitud”. In the late 70s Aldemaro created the Orquesta Filarmónica de Caracas where incidentally, many distinguished British musicians participated; an aaldemaro1dventure that helped open the traditionally government- founded Venezuelan classical music orchestras.

His influence is felt in much of the compositional output of the late 20th century in Venezuela. He breached the invisible -and by doing so -proved the non-existent barriers between the popular and academic idioms in music.

A hugely popular tv and radio figure, he always presented his programmes talking and improvising from the piano (he said of himself that he was “pianero” rather than “pianista”)

I have played extensively his work El Negro José which is dedicated to Mr. Pat O’Brian a Venezuelan jazz pianist and which is a typical example of Onda Nueva with a strong Joropo flavor. Another work that has enjoyed great success with the public is Juan Carlos Núñez's Retrato Solemnísimo de Aldemaro Romero which I had the priviledge of premiering and recording, it is a set of variations on Aldemaro’s theme De Conde a Principal.


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