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Venezuelan Ambassador Travels to California to Discuss Energy, Democracy and Development

(Washington, D.C. May, 7, 2007.- Embassy of Venezuela Press Service) ? The Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States, Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, kicks off a trip to California today to meet with political leaders, social movements and the academic community.

Running though May 15, Ambassador Alvarez?s trip will allow him to detail Venezuela?s position on the energy crisis and its regional response; the links between Venezuela and the Latino, African American and progressive communities in the U.S.; the Bolivarian Revolution and the changes taking place in Latin America.

Among the activities planned for his trip is a speech at the University of California at Berkeley sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies in which Ambassador Alvarez will discuss U.S.-Venezuela relations and the Bolivarian Revolution. This same theme will be the focus of another speech at the World Affairs Council of Northern California, where representatives of the world of politics, academia and non-governmental organizations will be present.

At Stanford University, Ambassador Alvarez will give a speech titled ?Revolutionizing Energy Integration and Democracy? at an event sponsored by the Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law and the Center for Latin American Studies. Ambassador Alvarez will also meet with representatives from various social movements in an event organized by The Women?s Building.

During a visit to Los Angeles, Ambassador Alvarez will take part in a breakfast organized by the Willie Velasquez Institute and in a forum sponsored by community leaders from various social and community-based movements. While at the University of California at Los Angeles, Ambassador Alvarez will give a speech titled ?The Bolivarian Revolution and Venezuela: Media and Political Perceptions? and speak on a panel with Mr. Antonio Gonalez, president of the Willie Velasquez Institute.

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