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Forum in Boston on Venezuela : A Victory for Peace and against Interventionism

Boston, October 19, 2017. – The Consul of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Boston, in conjunction with the Regional Council of African Descendants from Latin America and the Caribbean (ARAAC), organized a roundtable to discussion the situation in Venezuela in the face of attempts at destabilization by the Venezuelan right-wing and interventionist ambitions from abroad. Professor Yvette Modestin, Director of the U.S. chapter of the ARAAC, spoke about the need to strengthen ties of solidarity with Venezuela, where people of African descent have had a leading role in the struggle to build a participatory democracy, as well as to foment relations with Africa and the African diaspora. Venezuela’s Consul in Boston, Omar Sierra, laid out in detail the tactics used by the right-wing in their attempts to repudiate the country’s institutions, including being in contempt of court not long after having obtained a victory in the National Assembly elections in December 2015. This lead to incidents of political violence that had international support, leading to thousands of injuries, youths burned alive and attacks on institutions, including a maternity hospital, schools and food warehouses. Another of the participants, Jesús Chucho Garcia, Venezuela’s Consul General in New Orleans, expounded on the role played by communities of African descent in the Bolivarian Revolution. He highlighted that the strategy to elect a new National Constituent Assembly, under a climate of terror and a financial blocked, was supported by the bravery of the people. Garcia also noted that this initiative by President Maduro was reaffirmed by the victory obtained during the October 15 regional elections, when the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the Great Patriotic Pole coalition won the vast majority of governorships. He said that “the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people can only be exercised by the Venezuelan people in action and with consciousness.” The roundtable was conducive to call on Venezuela solidarity groups in the United States to be on alert against any attempt at a military intervention in Venezuela. “Let us remember what happened in Grenada (1983) and Panama (1989), where U.S. military intervention led to the deaths of many innocent people,” Garcia expressed.

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