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Electoral Branch Complies with Precautionary Measures Ordered by National Courts

The process for the collection of 20% of expressions of intent is postponed until further judicial instructions. (Non official translation).- The Electoral Branch informs the nation that it has been notified by national courts of precautionary measures that instruct the postponement of any act that could have been generated as a consequence from the collection of 1% of the expressions of intent required in order to validate the mediation of the MUD political organization. The measures decided on this Thursday, October 20, by criminal courts of first instance in control functions in Valencia; of third of control in San Fernando de Apure; of first instance in function of third of control in Aragua, and of first instance in functions of control of Bolívar, were decided after admitting the criminal complaints for crimes of false attestation before a public official, taking advantage of a false act, and providing false data to the Electoral Branch. These decisions have as a consequence the standstill, until further judicial instruction, of the process for the collection of the 20% of the expressions of intent scheduled for the following 26, 27, and 28 of October, which the National Electoral Council [CNE] was working on after completing the first stage of a petition made by the MUD party last April. In compliance to the Constitutional framework, the CNE complies with the measures instructed by the courts and has issued instructions to postpone the process of the collection until further judicial instructions. The Electoral Brach reiterates its call for national dialogue as the democratic formula by excellence in order to preserve the peace and stability of the Republic, and places itself at the disposal of the national political actors and institutions in order to assist in the search for the best conditions that make this a fruitful encounter.Poder Electoral acata medidas cautelares ordenadas por tribunales de la República

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