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Venezuelan Navy Ship "Simon Bolivar" Strengthens Ties of Cooperation between Venezuela and Bahamas

As part of the commemoration of 10 years of Petrocaribe, an energy initiative created by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez Frias, the Venezuelan Training Vessel Simon Bolivar arrived on Saturday August 22 at the port of Nassau, Bahamas, to strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries. This training ship for officers of the Venezuelan Navy opened its doors to the general public since the day of its arrival to Nassau.

Upon arrving at the port of Bahamas, the vessel, known as "Ambassador without Borders", was held  a formal event in which  the Commander of the Royal Defense Force of the Bahamas, Captain Tellis Bethel, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of national Security, Karen Rigby, and authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahams, and other representatives from high-level institutions of the Caribbean nation, were present. On the Venezuelan side, the event was attended by the ship's crew and its captain, Ginés Añanguren,  as well as officials of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United States and officials of the Defense Attaché of the aforementioned Diplomatic Mission.

At the event,  the authorities were invited to come aboard the ship and were greeted with naval honors. A special welcome was givento Captain Bethel. Later, on the deck, a protocol ceremony was held where Venezuelan officials gave welcoming remarks to the authorities of Bahamas, as well words of appreciation for the cooperation of the country and its institutions, such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Tourism. Subsequently, the anthems of both countries were played by the military band of the Bahamas Defense Force. Upon completion of the hymns, the Venezuelan captain of the ship highlighted the ship's training mission, but also stressed the mission's other objective of sending a message of peace and solidarity among the Caribbean islands on the ships 27th voyage.

After the honors, Captain Bethel welcomed the ship and the crew, and remarked his country’s interest to expand  the cooperation between the two countries in the energy, military, academic and tourist areas. After the ceremony, there was a cultural representation of a group of calipso and soca from the  Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Subsequently,  there a tour was made to all authorities in the Ship. Finally,  a lunch was provided by Añanguren for the authorities present at the ceremony.

Also, as part of the activities for welcoming the  Ship, it was  schedule a group of cultural activities with the ship's crew, including guided toura, granted by the Ministry of Tourism Bahamas to  tourist, historical and cultural sites of the island, such as the Parliament Square, The Government House, the Fronts of Charlotte and the Fintcastle, the Cathedral of Saint Francis, among others. Additionally, on Tuesday 25th it was held a friendly basketball game between the ship's crew and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. The ship departed this morning to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

Press-Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the US / August 26, 2015

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