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New investments to bring water supply to 100% of the population

Ecosocialism and Water Minister, Guillermo Barreto, stressed the importance of recent investments announced by Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, to ensure that drinking water exceeds the current ceiling of 96% and reaches 100% of the population.

"President Maduro is keen to expand access to water for the entire population. Bolivarian government has achieved important goals in these 15 years, but we still have limitations that must be overcome," the minister said in an interview Wednesday with Ciudad Caracas newspaper.

In this regard, he said that currently major works are being carried out, including the construction of the system for water supply named Tuy IV, in Miranda state, to benefit more than 5 million inhabitants of the Capital District, Vargas state and the Valles del Tuy, in Miranda state.

On April 7, the Head of State approved 4.4 billion bolivars to carry out the Water Plan designed by minister Barreto.

According to minister, this plan aims to solve short-term and structural issues. "We have to address matters of urgency, that is a pipe or water not reaching a sector, and at the same time to cover long-term issues," explained Barreto.

For the implementation of the first stage of the plan 1.1 billion bolivars and $ 29 million were approved.

Currently, the national coverage of drinking water reaches 96% of the population, which contrasts with the reality that existed in 1999, marked by the divestment in the hydrological area. At the time, 55% of residents in areas of social exclusion lacked water service.

According to UN figures, two of every ten people in the world lack a source of safe drinking water. To correct this situation so that at least half of that number have sustainable access to this resource, was part of the objectives proposed by the international body for the development of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

"In Venezuela the right to water is guaranteed; the need for access to water in Venezuela is covered, it is enshrined in our Constitution and President Nicolas Maduro defends those rights," Minister said.

For longer than five years, Venezuela exceeded the 2015 Millennium Development Goals proposed by the United Nations (UN) ahead of the 2015 deadline, by bringing water to as many people as possible.

In this regard, he stressed the responsibility of the Ministry of Ecosocialism and Water, called that way because ensuring full rights and access to clean water is a priority in Venezuela.

Vargas and Falcon states

The financial resources approved by the President are intended for works in states of Vargas and Falcon, particularly in the northern coastal area of the country that require greater investments to solve specific problems of distribution.

Regarding Vargas state, the minister said that one of the most important works for this state are those of the Maya River, which includes the construction of a dam. While in Falcon state, Barreto said, it is envisaged to install a bypass between three reservoirs to bring water to the north of the state.

"There is a infrastructure plan for all states and is being implemented by both water companies and partnerships with local governments," said the top official.

He added that in order to promote the Communal Branch, the government builds on the strengths of the water technical task forces, which are organizations where people promotes access to drinking water in the country.

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