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Latin American unity: the great victory at Americas Summit

Caracas, Apr 12. AVN.- The Latin American and Caribbean unity, strengthened in recent years, was demonstrated last Saturday at the Summit of the Americas, where most of the 35 participating countries demanded the United States to respect independence and self-determination of the peoples.

In their speeches, presidents as Rafael Correa, Evo Morales, Cristina Fernandez, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and other dignitaries from South America and the Caribbean demanded the repeal of the executive order with which President Barack Obama has threatened Venezuela.

President Nicolas Maduro said this at the People's Summit, side event of the Summit of the Americas, held at the University of Panama, Panama City.

At the closing ceremony with social movements across the continent, Maduro said that "today was clear, very clear, today we saw how the wave of truth in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese grew up. The peoples spoke aloud with a one voice and said 'repeal the decree' to Obama."

"It has been a great victory for Latin America and the Caribbean, it has been a great victory for peace, I think so," President said.

"Our victory has to be to pave the way of revolutionary transformations, profound changes in Latin America, along with the people," Maduro added.

He stressed that diversity is a value of Latin American and Caribbean peoples, which, although different, are aware of the importance of integration.

He said that every process in the region has its own rhythm, but "efforts must be aimed at a common agenda which is what imperialism does not understand."

Venezuelan president called to continue fighting and paying attention to peace and inclusion processes peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean are living. "Trust, unity, strength, strategy," he urged.

24 months of aggression

Speaking of Venezuela, Maduro said that in 24 months in office, he has faced all kinds of aggressions: economic, psychological wars, coup attempts, just like Commander Hugo Chavez.

"In 24 months I have had to face all forms of destabilization; psychological, political, economic, international wars. CIA manual has ran out of pages. They have already tried everything and have been defeated by the people's consciousness," he said.

He also welcomed the return of Cuba to the Summit, of which the Caribbean island was excluded for its decision to be free.

"Today we experienced a historical moment when we saw Raul Castro entering the room accompanied by 100 years of history, we saw him sitting in the chair that he won in 55 years of resistance, writing the pages of dignity."


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