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Chancellor Delcy Rodriguez calls for a "Revolution in the structure and actions" of the OAS

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, called on Wednesday for a "revolution in the structure and actions" in the OAS during the election of the new Secretary General of the agency, the former Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro.

Rodriguez indicated that a new stage starts in the hemispheric body that will bring it closer to the diplomacy of peoples and vindicate the principles and values of international law.

"We can mark a new era in this organization, where the pillars of it such as human rights, will not evidence a political purpose or a double standard in its application. Where democracy really considers and respects the will of our voters and our people" she reiterated.

The Venezuelan diplomat mentioned the "historical debt" that the OAS has with some Latin American peoples, "debts that have marked and even violated the hemispheric system of respect for states rights, respect for their independence."

I also affirm the absolute support of Venezuela to Almagro, who won with 33 votes and 1 abstention, and will take on new commitments for 5 years from next May 26.

On the other hand, Almagro, a career diplomat and current senator said he accepts "this responsibility with humility, who knows that the success of my work will only be tangible if at the end of my term we can say with certainty that the OAS collaborated for more Americans to live in peace, more democracy, more human rights, more security and prosperity, more and more rights for Americans".

Venezuela proposes Ecuador as coordinator of the ALBA facilitator group with US

In a press conference after the meeting held for the election of the new Secretary General of the OAS, the Minister Delcy Rodriguez explained to the media that Venezuela proposed Ecuador to coordinate the group of facilitators approved Tuesday at the ALBA summit to mediate between Venezuela and the United States.

"Venezuela has proposed that Ecuador, in his capacity as president pro tempore of the CELAC, be a part of this coordination in the figure of Chancellor Ricardo Patiño," Rodriguez said.

The Foreign Minister referred to the statement issued yesterday after the summit of members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) which showed their support for Venezuela and asked the US president, Barack Obama, to repeal the executive order that considered the Caribbean country a "threat".

Also indicated that its proposal is that Ecuador as president pro tempore of the CELAC, could act as "coordinator of this group of diplomacy approach and standardization in terms of respect and equality between both countries".

Also, the declaration of Alba, requires the US government to "immediately cease the harassment and aggression against the Government and people of Venezuela".

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