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President Maduro Meets with UNASUR Secretary General

The Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Ernesto Samper, said on Wednesday that he would share with the UNASUR Council of Foreign Ministers all of the concerns President Maduro expressed to him over the national and international situation Venezuela is undergoing.
“I have listened very carefully to the comments, information, thoughts that President Maduro express over the current external and internal circumstances the country is undergoing, and as is my duty, I will transmit to the Council of Foreign Ministers these concerns. They are the ones called upon to take whatever actions or expedite recommendations they see fit,” Samper declared.
After meeting for over an hour with the Venezuelan President, the Secretary General reiterated that UNASUR’s position is to reject any attempt to destabilize the democracy of member countries.
“I accepted this invitation from President Maduro during a time that, as he said, is difficult. I want to publicly reiterate UNASUR’s position, which is in the constitutive charter and has been referred to in the treaty as the democratic clause that is absolutely clear and conclusive in signaling that any attempt at destabilization in a democracy or attempt to destabilize a government will be met with unanimous disapproval by all UNASUR countries,” he explained.
Samper, who is a former president of Colombia, also declared that the meeting included discussion about UNASUR’s agenda and several infrastructure projects, such as the highway that will connect Caracas to Buenaventura (a city on Colombia’s pacific coast) via Bogotá.  The Secretary General also noted that possibility of agreeing to political accords that will allow timely decision making on economic affairs.
“We spoke about the economic situation, about the social situation. We agreed that there may be conditions to reactivate the task of reaching political accords that will lead to viable economic decisions. The three foreign ministers of Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador can be asked to serve as facilitators in this case. They can return here to Venezuela to contribute their efforts so that circumstances improve,” Samper said.
He also referred to Venezuela’s efforts to contribute to the peace process taking place in Havana, and emphasized President Maduro’s commitment to peace in Colombia. On that point, President Maduro reaffirmed all his support for the Santos government so they can make progress on the peace talks, and he said he hoped that 2015 would be the year of peace in Colombia.
MinCI / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / February 5, 2015

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