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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "El Sistema": Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz comes to D.C.

The Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz (SBBBJ), a band part of the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation, known worldwide as "El Sistema" will be performing this Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm at the "Spectrum" Theatre in Virginia . The band of Venezuelan Jazz is on tour in the United States to delight the American public and publicize Venezuelan music taken to the Jazz format.

This tour is part of a series of artistic activities commemorating the 40th anniversary of the National System of Orchestras and Choirs for the Youth and Children of Venezuela, a socio-cultural project that has provided musical training and social inclusion to more than one million children in recent years, many of them from low-income families. This pedagogical model has been replicated in more than 50 countries including the United States, where young orchestras and choirs have emerged in cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit and Los Angeles.

The repertoire chosen by the SBBBJ contains works of great jazz musicians and Venezuelan composers such as maestro Aldemaro Romero, along with Edward Simon, Carlos Morean and Gerardo Chacon. Likewise they will perform emblematic songs of the greatest exponents and representatives of the genre worldwide, highlighting maestros like Duke Ellington, Pat Metheny, Dave Samuels, Cole Porter, Dizzy Gillespie and Nicolas Folmer among others.

For the 35 musicians that integrate the Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz is a great challenge and a huge responsibility taking the genre elsewhere, especially to cities in the United States, recognized as the birthplace of jazz. The Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz was founded in 2007 with the firm intention to develop, promote and disseminate the jazz genre in Venezuela. It is currently made up of students from the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory, the institution responsible for the academic and professional training for members of the National Orchestra for Youth Choirs of Venezuela whose governing body is the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation, under the Presidential Office and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

On January 27, the Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz was presented at the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College; on Thursday, January 29, they will travel to Washington D.C. where they will offer a concert at the Spectrum Theatre; from there they will depart to New York, where the tour will end with performances in major venues in the city, one of them is Lehman College in the Bronx.

What: Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz (SBBBJ)
When: Thursday, 29 January 2015 19:30
Where: Spectrum Theater. 1611 N Kent St. Arlington, VA. 22209. Virginia
The event and parking are FREE!

Venezuelan Embassy in the US -Press Press FundaMusical Bolívar / January 26, 2015.

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