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Caracas Government Sheltering Homeless People

On Tuesday, the government of the Capital District, the Caracas Mayor’s Office and the Ministry of People’s Power for Youth and Sport held 2015’s first nocturnal event to aid homeless people and began dismantling informal shelters.
The event began at 10:30pm in the neighborhood of Antímano, where homeless citizens, including some with addictions to illegal substances, received care.
The Secretary of Social Work of the Capital District government, Francisco Hernández, led the event and explained that under Ernesto Villegas, head of the Capital District, and in line with the national government’s policies of social inclusion, this year they are “reinforcing this type of activities, given that we are following the lead of President Nicolás Maduro and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”
The operations coordinator of the Simón Bolívar Endogenous Nucleus, Francisco Soares, called on the Venezuelan people, and in particular on the country’s youth, to do more to help people in need.
“We have to do our small parts, because even just a single word directed at a person living on the streets can bring hope and a lot of love. That is why we are inviting people to share in this work,” he explained.
Soares also noted that the Capital District Government’s Office of Comprehensive Care of Homeless People, the Simón Bolívar Endogenous Nucleus and the New Day Foundation are offering comprehensive care and opportunities for people to reinsert themselves into society, as well as to families of those who are addicted to illegal substances.
The people offered shelter were sent to the “Granja Oasis 4” Center and to the “La voz que más clama en el desierto” Christian Center in Miranda state so they could receive rehabilitation services.
YVKE Mundial / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / January 14, 2015

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