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National Assembly to elect new Board of Directors on Monday

The National Assembly will elect its new board of directors to lead the parliament for the next year on Monday during a special session. During a television interview, Deputy Jesús Faría announced that National Assembly Vice Presidents Darío Vivas and Blanca Eekhout will be replaced by Deputies Elvis Amoros and Tania Díaz in the parliament’s leadership.
“Vivas and Eekhout will take on new tasks at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle in the upcoming electoral campaigns,” he said.
Faría further emphasized that “2015 will be very complex and the [National] Assembly is called upon to play an important role.  We ended 2014 with the aim of maintaining economic stability, which allowed us to sustain the political system, and of starting the year off on the right foot, which will be complex given the agitation created by the upcoming parliamentary electoral process.”
Article 219 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Article 3 of the Internal Rules and Debates of the National Assembly establish that at the beginning of each constitutional term, the Legislative Branch must hold a commencement session in the National Assembly.  This session is to take place at 11 a.m. on January 5, or at an earliest possible later date, in order to review the credentials of Deputies, to elect a Board of Directors and to begin the annual period of ordinary sessions.
Article 194 of the Constitution establishes that the National Assembly is to elect a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Deputy Secretary for a period of one year.
Furthermore, Article 3 of the National Assembly’s Internal Rules and Debates also states that during the commencement session Deputies must form a commission, led by the ranking Deputy, which will hold a debate on the election of a Board of Directors.
It is worth noting that the debate leader will designate a Deputy to act as a Secretary during the session.  They will both hold these positions until a new Board of Directors, Secretary and Deputy Secretary is elected, who will then assume their offices during the same commencement session.
Candidates for every position of the National Assembly Board of Directors will be introduced during a plenary session. Those who nominate a candidate will have five minutes to argue for their selection, which can be responded to once with an objection and three minutes of counterargument.  After this brief debate, voting will take place to elect the board.
AVN / National Assembly / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / January 5, 2015

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