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Venezuela Presents Anti-Torture Achievements at UN

Venezuela’s Vice Minister for Domestic Policy and Judicial Security, José Rangel, emphasized on Thursday his government’s commitment, and the commitment of state agencies, to the defense of human rights during Venezuela’s presentation of its third and fourth reports to the Committee against Torture at United Nationes headquarters in Geneva.

“We came to this Committee with the sovereign will of the Venezuelan State as signatories to the Convention against Torture, which Venezuela is bound to observe given that the Bolivarian Revolution is the utmost guarantee of the exercise of the human rights of all, without any kind of distinction,” Rangel said.

The Venezuelan delegation’s presence at the UN will update the information about the achievements, progress and challenges in the recognition and exercise of human rights in the country.

The Vice Minister said that Venezuela’s policies to prevent torture as well as cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment “are many and efficient… As opposed to the past, when our country had governments that promoted and executed State terrorism, Venezuela now has democratic institutionalism that assumes the respect and full guarantee of human rights as a daily policy.”

“Inspired in the thoughts and actions of Commander Chávez, and under the direction of President Nicolás Maduro, the Bolivarian Revolution is determinedly fighting the remains of a State inherited from colonialism and designed to subjugate and repress majorities,” he continued.

Furthermore, he noted, “we are progressing towards building a new model for society.  In the homeland of Bolívar we are building a democratic, participatory, protagonical, inclusive, fair and peace-loving political system, as is established in our Constitution that was approved by popular referendum.”

“History excluded sectors [of society] are now agents in their own destinies,” Rangel indicated.
The rapporteurs of the UN Committee against Torture praised the “concrete responses” given by Venezuela in its periodic reports.

There was also recognition of the approval of the Special Law to Prevent and Sanction Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment.

Moreover, the committee expressed that “it is a very good sign that the Venezuelan government is making efforts to train youths who visit prisons as social workers in human rights.”
This interactive dialogue between a Member State and the Committee is a normal mechanism within the United Nations human rights system.

Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN – Geneva / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / November 7, 2014

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