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Venezuela Rejects Interfering Statements by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Venezuelan government expressed a "deep rejection" of the statements made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein, regarding the cases of  the rightwing Venezuelan leader Leopoldo López and former mayor of San Cristobal, Daniel Ceballos, and considered the comments to be "meddling, false and baseless."

Venezuela's Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva submitted a verbal note today to the High Commissioner’s Office per the instructions of Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez. The note states: "High Commissioner Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein has made accusations that harm the dignity and decency which must be preserved in relations between sovereign member states of the United Nations."
The letter also stresses that the UN resolution which created the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights requires the agency to perform in a "fair, objective, non-selective and effective” manner.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry stressed that "in compliance with such vindictive, public citizens are being judged under the rule of law, for his criminal actions that were detrimental to the peace and stability of the Republic."

Statements by Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein "will undoubtedly be part of the international media manipulation (...) which has been denounced by the top leadership of the Bolivarian Government."

"It is important to mention that Leopoldo López, paramount player in the coup against President Hugo Chavez in 2002, was enjoying full freedom, thanks to the amnesty decree issued by the Bolivarian President, magnanimous gesture aimed at promoting peace and brotherhood among Venezuelans, "reads the letter.
The High Commissioner had exceeded his mandate, displaying a total lack of awareness  for the limits of its sphere of action , and "has had folly" to urge the Venezuelan authorities to immediately release Lopez and Ceballos.

"It is worrying that the High Commissioner intends to convert the views of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in legally binding decisions to force States to its final fulfillment," says the text.

"It is surprising and unusual that the High Commissioner has not been informed or requested updated information by the Venezuelan state on these cases, and has ruled politically, dismissing the enormous substantive documentation provided to his office," states the note.

"During his two-month performance has not made contact with the Venezuelan authorities. It is striking, therefore, that hir first public performance on Venezuela has been precisely to condemn the Venezuelan State, and please the anti-democratic sectors of the Venezuelan opposition, " adds the note.
Furthermore, "The High Commissioner and the Office he represents,  by his conduct, far from acting with fairness and good judgment, are seeking to deepen the political differences and take sides by a violent sector of the Venezuelan opposition."

"The Venezuelan state has always acted for the protection of life, the right to peaceful demonstration and physical integrity of persons, respecting the human rights and the Constitution. Institutions ensure the full enjoyment of civil and political rights to all its citizens, according to the constitutionally enshrined freedoms ",adds the statement delivered by Jorge Valero, Venezuela's permanent representative to the UN-Geneva.

The Verbal Note express that Venezuela has provided to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights numerous communications which demonstrates the  "concrete evidence accompanied by photographs and videos," of the magnitude of the violence faced by the Venezuelan people for attempting to overthrow of the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro under the plan called "The Way Out" which was promoted by Leopoldo López.

"In that scenario, sectors of the opposition tried to demarcate " by the call convened by the Venezuelan political party “Voluntad Popular”, informed the document.

"This undemocratic plan brought the death of innocent Venezuelans; the loss of millions of dollars in infrastructure; depriving people of their fundamental rights; and seriously disrupting social peace of Venezuelans, " adds.

Venezuela also expressed "astonishment" of the Press Release in which appears a photograph of Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein High Commissioner holding the flag of Venezuela with Mrs. Lilian Tintori, López’s wife.
"This is certainly a reprehensible conduct. It is a serious error to disrespect the national dignity by granting a person who was involved in a coup as the representative of the Venezuelan people to. Thus, the High Commissioner seeks to ignore the true representation of the Venezuelan state, "says the text.

The official document insists that "This reprehensible behavior tries to promote intense international media campaign promoted by foreign interests, against the administration of justice in Venezuela."

The Note reiterates that the Government will continue to exercise all actions within the framework of the Constitution to ensure social stability and public peace, "conjuring, with strict adherence to the law and respect for human rights, the violent agenda sponsored by domestic and foreign agents. "

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy in the U.S. / October 22, 2014

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