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Venezuela concrete payment of the Global Bond 2014 for $ 1.498 million

The payments of the Global Bond for 2014 of 1,498 million dollars, and the corresponding interest became effective Wednesday, the Government announced, through a press release.

This cancellation is indicative of the financial health of the nation.

The text of the statement:

The Bolivarian government honors its commitments

2014 Global Bond Payment

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela announces to the public that today, October 8, 2014, became effective on payment of the 2014 Global Bonds whose capital is $ 1.498.000.000, as well as the related interest, which total $ 63,665,000 canceled timely semiannually.

Thus, the Bolivarian government, led by President Nicolas Maduro Moros, once again demonstrates its commitment to the country and absolute adherence to the principles of transparency, political will and economic growth of our nation, legacy of our eternal undying Commander Hugo Chavez.

With this step, the planned campaign by spokesmen and means of international financial capital held with the intention of damaging the image of the Republic and the integrity of the people with perverse economic and political ends is removed.

Today, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela maintains an impeccable record in paying each of its obligations, honoring national and international liabilities acquired to finance works to allow maximum development and the greatest possible happiness to the Venezuelan people through the issuance of Sovereign Debt.

True to our unwavering commitment to support all sectors of the population and on the basis of maintaining a healthy, balanced and steadily growing economy, constantly perform estimates of the levels of debt sustainability in harmony with macroeconomic indicators, in order to contribute to the consolidation of social, productive and inclusive politics, fundamental and irreversible target framed in Plan de la Patria, living manifestation of political and ultimate expression of the socialist model now living in venezuelan consciousness.

Chavez lives, the country continues!

October 8, 2014.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / October 8, 2014

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