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JVR: President Maduro's Job Approval Rating Increased Positively to 49%

Caracas, Jun 30. AVN -. According to a survey conducted during the month of June by the Hinterlaces pollster, up to 49% of Venezuelans positively approve of President Maduro's performance.  Furthermore, the amount of people who rate his performance as "fair to poor" has decreased from 52% to 49%, as broadcasted this past Sunday during José Vicente's Today show, which airs on Televen, during the journalistic segment known as "Confidential".

Mentioned data, provided by broadcast journalist, Rangel, reflect the results of the monthly intelligence report which are based on public opinion surveys, conducted by the aforementioned pollster, in which 1,200 people were interviewed in the country from June 17 to June 22. 

The survey also found that 49% of people favorably see President Maduro, not only as a person, but also as a popular leader, while 42% expressed an unfavorable opinion, and 9% did not know or did not answer.

Views of President Maduro as a person and popular leader, within the framework of chavistas and supporters of the process, reflected as follows: 89% had a favorable opinion, 8% unfavorable and 3% did not know or did not answer.  When people were asked who they thought was the most important figure within chavismo, the answers were:  47% said Nicolas Maduro; 26%, Diosdado Cabello; 4% other, and 14% none.

About who is considered the most important leader among Chavez Chavez and supporters of the process: 71% responded that it is Nicolas Maduro; 16%, Diosdado Cabello; 4% others, and 3%, none.

Rangel also mentioned that the study also asked the survey participants, who they feel that the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) primarily supports: 88% responded the national government, while 3% said they supported the opposition.  

According to this poll, 80% of respondents worry most about the economy, while 15% said they worry about the political situation.

According to 58.50% of respondents, President Maduro should addressed priority issues, including economic issues (lower cost of living, reduce shortages, increase employment), while 35.50% said he should combat public insecurity, and 5% said he should focus on the re-launching of social missions.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / June 30, 2014

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