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Venezuelan President: President Obama Should Listen to the Voices of the Peoples of Latin America

On Tuesday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, to listen to the voices of the peoples of Latin America in order to have a basis for relations of respect among nations.

“I hope President Obama ends up listening to the clamor of the peoples of Latin America, so that new types of relations can arise between our people and those who govern the United States,” the President said during his weekly program En Contacto con Maduro (In Touch with Maduro).

Maduro was referring to the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014, which was introduced on March 13, 2014, by U.S. Senators in order to try to sanction Venezuelan officials.

The President explained that laws do not extend outside of their home nations, which is why the U.S. government cannot pass legislation to sanction residents of other countries.

“Any law approved in the United States to sanction Venezuela is spurious; we would reject it and confront it in every global space,” he said.

In that regard, President Maduro indicated that U.S. interference, in attempting to sanction Venezuela, has brought about international repudiation.  The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) denounced sanctions in a communiqué in which it also urged peace in Venezuela and characterized U.S. sanction legislation as an obstacle for national dialogue.

The President also noted the support the 118 members of the Non-Aligned Movement will likely offer during the conclusion of the XVII Ministerial Conference being held in Algeria, in which Foreign Minister Elías Jaua is participating.

“The path of sanctions is one of failure, just like the U.S. embargo and persecution of the Cuban people,” Maduro declared.

The President said that U.S. government retaliation aims to harm members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) “because it has not found a single member of the military to enlist in its coup attempts.”

He stressed that the goal is to “tarnish the honor of the FANB” because of its commitment and loyalty to the Venezuelan people during the violent actions spurred by the extreme right wing since February.  These actions are aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government through a continuous coup d’état.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / May 28, 2014

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