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Venezuelan Lawmakers Request Investigation into Opposition Congresswoman for Alleged Criminal Offenses

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Office of the Attorney General received evidence to start a judicial process against opposition deputy Maria Corina Machado for allegedly being involved in crimes against the independence and security of the nation, issuing calls to violence, incitement to commit a crime, terrorism, violation of the Constitution and treason for promoting a coup and foreign intervention in internal affairs.

With the aim of  removing her parliamentary immunity, the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, accompanied by socialist deputies, presented documents that show Machado’s alleged links to these violent acts.

Machado, who signed the coup decree that dissolved the branches of government on April 12, 2002, has been repeatedly linked to destabilization plans against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, who since his election on April 14, 2013, has been attacked by right-wing Venezuelan factions

Ties with USA

In June 2013 was released a recording in which Machado regrets that coup plans against the government of President Maduro have not been finalized.
Due to this audio , in which Machado admits his relationship with the U.S. government to sabotage the stability of Venezuela , the National Assembly approved an investigation against the Congresswoman.

In a conversation with historian Germán Carrera Damas, Machado disagrees with the position of Ramón Aveledo (the General Secretary of the opposition Party Mesa de la Unidad) against Washington.

According to Machado, Aveledo said the State Department of the United States that "the only way out of this ( constitutional government ) is to provoke a crisis, a coup, or a process of domestication where can be  generated a total social control system , " actions than Machado qualified as insufficient an no radical.

In that conversation, Machado also revealed that sectors of the Venezuelan right feared that she take the direction of international relations on behalf of the opposition and more radical decisions could be generated.

"They are very afraid that I meet with the Department of State , Senators , or who may have influence and that a more radical line will be established ," she admits .

In addition, on February 24 , Deputy Cabello revealed a series of emails sent by political consultant Juan José Rendón and Machado in providing details on foreign support for the destabilization plans against the national government as violent actions since the middle of last February have been promoted in 18 municipalities.

Also, he  read an email sent by Machado to the attorney  GustavoTarre Briceño, in which there are signs of U.S. intervention in the violence generated by fascist groups in the country.

In the email, dated February 20 , Machado says . . " 22 ( February) , decent Venezuela will give a demonstration in the great march we have called . This regime has to leave in one way or another . Their own censorship  will bring them down ( ... ) Let's follow the example Táchira gave ( southwest State ),  but do not abandon a minute the call to the street and peace , that is the advice and recommendation of the friends of the State Department ( of U.S.) , it should not be the regime that kidnaps that word as a flag ( ... ) " .

Cabello has claimed that Machado , by using young graduates to destabilize , not assume his responsibilities.

Violence from the Right

"You have to participate in civil disobedience, which for Monday the streets of Venezuela have to be closed , please invite people to participate actively in this struggle ," says Machado in a recording broadcast on digital networks and presented Deputy Tania Diaz during a  parliamentary session on February 25 .

" The congreeswoman sends people to ignite  the streets, infiltrating the protests, sends to murder his own people and then make the call again to violence ," said Congresswoman Diaz .

See here two videos that account for irregularities in which is involved the deputy Machado:

AVN/ Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./ Mrach, 20, 2014

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