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President Maduro: The peoples' conscience and the military's behavior defeated plans for destabilization

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted on Monday the role the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) have played in defeating the plans for destabilization spurred by right-wing sectors in Venezuela.

These plans for a coup are being extinguished through “full strictness in applying the law; we are defeating them with a mobilization of the peoples’ conscience… we are defeating it with the steady behavior of our FANB, of  the National Guard as one of its components,” Maduro said at the Military Academy in Caracas, where the funeral was held for Captain José Guillén Araque.

Captain Guillén Araque was assassinated on Sunday in Maracay by fascist groups.  “He was a man with integrity, a young, studious man… He was part of the golden generation inspired by Commander Chávez with values, bravery, honesty [and] a pure soul,” the President said in his honor.

Maduro noted that on February 12, the bicentenary of the Battle of Youth in Venezuela, Guillén Araque presented him with “a book about fascism which served as a warning.  He had a library full of history books, books about our nation, about Chávez.”

In that regard, the President indicated that the book showed how Nazi ideology “infects entire societies with the anti-values of hate and racism.  We should reprint that book to study it and make people aware of the phenomenon and how we are fighting it in Venezuela, with the solid behavior of the National Armed Force.”

As Commander in Chief of the FANB, Maduro promoted Guillén Araque posthumously to the rank of Major.  Moreover, he awarded him a medal.

Guillén Araque, who was shot while preventing violent elements from closing down a street, was 34 years old and from the state of Mérida.  He was at the top of his class, had two children and was married to a First Lieutenant in the National Guard.

The fascist violence that has been unleashed since February 12 has led to the deaths of three other members of the military: Captain Ramso Ernesto Bracho Bravo and Second Sergeant Giovanny Pantjo, both of whom were killed in Valencia; and Acner López, a Sergeant in the National Guard who was killed in Miranda.

Another 109 police and military personnel have been wounded, including 21 with gunshot wounds.  A total of 29 Venezuelans have died and 365 have been injured.

Extreme right-wing terrorist groups have attempted to force the unconstitutional exit of President Maduro by placing wires across streets to decapitate motorcyclists, shooting people who try to remove barricades from streets, and blocking access to cars and pedestrians in various states.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / March 18, 2014

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