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UNASUR Approves Formation of Foreign Ministers' Commission to Support Peace Conference in Venezuela

The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) approved the formation of an integrated commission by the foreign ministers of the member countries Wednesday to " accompany, support and advise " peace talks convened by the Bolivarian government with opposition sectors, said the foreign minister of Chile , Heraldo Muñoz.

In a Telesur broadcast, the Chilean foreign minister read the resolution adopted by UNASUR, which first provides support for the process initiated by the Government of Venezuela to promote dialogue with all "political forces and social sectors in order to achieve an agreement to contribute to understanding and social peace."

In second place, at the request of the Bolivarian Government, it designates a commission composed of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries of UNASUR to "accompany, support and advise in an open and constructive political dialogue, aimed at recovering peaceful coexistence in Venezuela" through the national Peace Conference proposed by the national Executive.

Also, the pro tempore presidency of UNASUR will organize, in coordination with the Member States, the work of the commission of foreign ministers, which must convene its first meeting no later than the first week of April.

Fourth, it will ask the commission of foreign ministers to report on its activities to the Council of Ministers of UNASUR, through the president pro tempore, as soon as possible.

Finally, the agreement approved by the member countries of UNASUR states that they must express concern about any threat to the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela.

At the meeting of UNASUR, which lasted about two hours and took place in Chile, there was discussion about respect for human rights and Venezuelan institutions, in light of the violence promoted by radical right-wing groups seeking the overthrow of the constitutional government, supported by the anti-Chavez national and international media who are spearheading a plan to damage the image of the Executive.

AVN / Press -Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 13, 2014

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