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Venezuela's Ombudsperson Sends Investigations to UN

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Ombudsperson, Gabriela Ramírez, will send documents to United Nations human rights bodies in Geneva relating to investigations underway in Venezuela into the alleged physical mistreatment of people during the violent events caused by fascist groups the country has recently faced.

Ramírez explained during a radio interview that her office is currently tracking 44 such cases.

Regarding security officers who have allegedly exceeded their authority through repression, she noted that “several have already been detained” and those investigations are ongoing.  Ramírez indicated that should the charges prove to be true and “according to the judge’s criteria”, the affected people “should be secure [in knowing] that those people will go to jail where they will serve terms our laws establish.”

The Ombudsperson will also speak to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, as well as to the Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression and the Special Rapporteur, about the hate campaign waged against her office and herself following a lie published by the media, specifically El Nacional newspaper.

This past Sunday, that newspaper published an article titled “Ombudswoman justifies torture of student youth”, following a press conference that Ramírez.  The article distorted comments she made about torture and placed them entirely out of context.

“I denounced that information at the very same press conference in front of the media and I sent a reply within ten minutes to El Nacional. They left that information up for four hours, they denied by constitutional right to a response and they did not publish the statement,” Ramírez emphasized.

The Ombudswoman indicated that this article was republished in various other countries in the region.  She noted that the lies contained therein led to the convocation of a march to her office on Wednesday in order to ask for her resignation.
The false information in the El Nacional article also led to death threats against Ramírez and her family.

“It has caused me great personal harm because I have received threats, my children have received threats, through Twitter.  There are people who said that if they get their hands on my children they will torture them. My children are still kids.  It has generated a campaign of hate…” she said.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / March 12, 2014

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