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President Maduro Reiterates the Brotherhood of the Venezuelan People with Panamanians and Americans

President Nicolas Maduro reiterated the respect and brotherhood of the Venezuelan people with Panama and recalled that that nation was also part of the dream of the American union that Liberator Simon Bolivar fought for.

"Long live Omar Torrijos! Long live the Panamanian people !Long live the union of Panama and Venezuela! Panama is the territory of Bolivar too because it was from Colombia and they removed it, took it away from Colombia, beginning the twentieth century with the building of the canal and it was controlled by the elites U.S. military apparatus" he said.

The statement came at the opening ceremony of the first stage of the Omar Torrijos housing plan, located in Carabobo Park in downtown Caracas, the name was bestowed in honor of the Panamanian leader who returned the Panama Canal to the people of that country.

President Maduro recalled that in 1979 Torrijos signed through diplomatic and peaceful means, the turnover of the Panama Canal, that previously functioned as a U.S. military base.

Similarly, he stressed that just as Bolivar did, Commander Hugo Chávez showed love for the Panamanian people.

The reflections came after the president announced Wednesday that the Bolivarian government had decided to break diplomatic, political and economic ties with the government of Panama, led by Ricardo Martinelli.

Maduro revealed that Martinelli "has been actively working against Venezuela creating conditions for the Organization of American States (OAS ) and other agencies to bring intervention into our country."
The Venezuelan president also said today that his administration and the Venezuelan people maintain the best relations with the American people that they have ever had in history.

He noted that unfortunately there are poor relations with the ruling elite in the White House, and explained that this was the same answer he gave today to a U.S. television journalist for CNN during an interview he conducted that will be broadcast late Friday morning.

"I gave an interview to CNN in English, one of the most credible journalists of CNN in English, which is different from CNN in Spanish, both channels that our people have criticized. The journalist of CNN asked me why I had such bad relations with the United States, and I said, it is not with the American people. It's the elite who run the United States, with the American people we have the best relationship we've ever had in our history," he said.

The President said the U.S. journalist asked him all sorts of poisonous questions that can come from those promoting a U.S. attack against democracy in Venezuela .

"She asked me all the questions with the venom of those who attack us in the United States.  As a good journalist she asked her questions. I told her: Ask everything you want, everything they say about us ask about it, in order to get out the truth about what is happening in Venezuela, and from there I defended the truth of our people and our country," he added.

Furthermore, he emphasized that it is a head of state that governs "only on behalf of the people that he comes from."
"You can have relationships of respect and friendship between the peoples of the world", and highlighted the example of Danny Glover, actor and friend of Commander Chavez in Venezuela who is expressing support for the revolutionary government during the one year anniversary of the passing of the Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The relationships of respect and friendship between the peoples of the world are possible "without anyone intervening in the affairs of the internal life of any country."

For this reason, he said that he and Chavez have been "free and independent chairmen. We do not send any transnational, do not govern for any private company or any corporation, for any group of power. We govern for the humble people that we come from in body and soul."

He added that he and the revolutionary leader are "men of the people, governing in a humble and honest way for the humble and working people."

Meanwhile, Glover said that Chavez "was an elected leader who could raise up real democracy."

Glover said the commander [Hugo Chavez] is present in the Venezuelan people, and indicated that they have the duty to continue his legacy.

"It is a difficult task, but you will be able to do it, with determination, to push Venezuela forward," he said .

The country [Venezuela] represents a leadership for the entire region and "must also represent a struggle for peace and democracy in the continent and around the world."

AVN/ Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 7, 2014

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