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Venezuelan Foreign Minister: Venezuela will Achieve a Great Victory for Peace

Venezuela is giving the the world a lesson in maturity, despite the conflict due to the violence perpetrated by  extreme right sectors both nationally and internationally, said Foreign Minister Elias Jaua today.

During a Government on the Streets activity in the community of San Isidro, in Miranda state (east of Caracas), he said the government is on the verge of a great victory for peace against violence and death, due to the fact that the government is rapidly controlling  violence.

"Thank God for the people we have, humble people, lovers of life, their souls and hearts do not nest hatred and contempt for others… A people who have endured two weeks of pressure and abuse, but they know that to achieve peace, a dialogue must be established, and not violence," Jaua said .

"Real Venezuelans, those who love this land, are going to deliberate and solve the economic and social problems we are facing… It is time for justice, not arbitrariness or abuses," he continued.

The Minister reported that the Venezuelan right-wing aims to create a new Punto Fijo pact (an agreement made in previous regimes in which two major parties in the country controlled and alternated power in government between 1958 and 1998), which established a social-democratic and social-Christian two party system that deepened repression and led to looting of wealth by transnational capital, as well as violence, hunger and social exclusion of the people.

"They [the opposition] aspire to create new Punto Fijo, they expect us to sit down with them and sign a pact in Miraflores and once again distribute power," he said.

As an example of unwillingness to engage in dialogue, Jaua also mentioned the absence of Miranda Governor Henrique Capriles in the Federal Council of Government.  Other governors and mayors from the opposition attend this meeting with President Nicolas Maduro on Monday at Miraflores Palace.

As in the Fourth Republic (previous governments), Jaua explained that the right wants " an agreement for the elite and exclusion for the people,” something which is rejected by the Bolivarian leadership that is committed to the Venezuelan people.

"We will not do that: We are not going to betray [the Venezuelan people] by excluding them from their right to have free education, free health care, a life. That is never going to happen  because we have a commitment to the people  and the memory of Commander Hugo Chávez,” he declared.
Moreover, the Foreign Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to dialogue with the opposition to seek joint solutions to the country's problems, but without condescension from other nations.

Foreign Ministry Press / AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S/ February 25, 2014

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