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Venezuelan diplomat in the U.S during the world "Por Aquí Paso Chávez" month: "Until 1998 we had a Constitution drafted to uphold the status quo that never thought about the majority"

Following the programmed activities during the world “Por Aquí Paso Chávez” month, at the Venezuelan Embassy in the United States, where the film "Venezuela Rising" was screened, an audiovisual narrative that documents what happened for five days before it was decided by popular referendum whether President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez would remain in office.

The presentation of the documentary was given by Gabriel Torrealba, diplomat who emphasized the progress of a new constitution drawn up by the people of Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez, which allows for a popular referendum to decide whether or not the leader would remain in office before the completion of a term of government.

“Until 1998 we had a constitution drafted by a status quo that most never thought of. This new Constitution made visible the invisible. It also established mechanisms such as the recall referendun allowing the people to decide if a ruler continues in office or not. If a ruler is doing a lousy job, the new constitution allows the people to revoke his mandate without having to wait for the completion of his government " Torrealba said.

The diplomat also highlighted other achievements promoted by President Chavez as the social inclusion of sectors that had never participated in politics of the country and can be observed in this documentary that recounts the events that gave place days before the recall referendum be given in Venezuela.

The screening of the documentary "Inside the Revolution" written and directed by Pablo Navarrete in 2009 is scheduled for February 18. A journey to the heart of Venezuela, which offers a perspective based on the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela the meaning of revolution for the future of Venezuela and socialism.

Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. – Press Section / February 12, 2014

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