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Minister of Culture Underlines Sustained Effort to Improve Filmmaking in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro congratulates the crew of “Azul y no tan rosa” after winning the Goya Award for best Ibero-American Film

Venezuelan cinema is consolidated by new stories, new screenplays and better acting; the people can recognize themselves and find a sense of belonging, said Minister of Culture, Fidel Barbarito.

During an interview in the radio show La bodega cultural, transmitted in Alba Ciudad 96.3 FM Barbarito pointed out tge the Bolivarian Revolution has paid a great deal of attention in the continuation of the arts in the country and particularly in the field of cinema “where a sustained effort has been made. There has been a policy aimed at generating the necessary structure for better filmmaking”.

Last Sunday the film “Azul y no tan rosa” –directed by Miguel Ferrari- won the Goya Award for best Ibero-American Film. It is the first time that a Venezuelan film is is recognized by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain.

“It is a celebration for all Venezuelans. As Miguel Ferrari said yesterday: the Venezuelan people is watching its own films and is seeing itself in its own cinema” and that is happening because we have gone through a process of achieving dignity, of finding identity and that is undoubtedly a cultural revolution” added Barbarito.

Recently, other Venezuelan films have won important awards internationally like “Pelo Malo” by Mariana Rondón which won the awards for better screenplay and best actress in the 31st Film Festival of Torino, Italy, and special recognition in the 61st Film Festival of San Sebastian, Spain.

“La Distancia más larga” de Claudia Pinto Emperador won the award for the best film in the Montreal Festival in 2013, and “Hermano” by Marcel Rasquin won the great award in the Moscow film Festival in 2010 and Best Film by the Audience in the Latino Film Festival of Los Angeles. During this festival “Habana Eva” by Fina Torres received the Best Film award by the Jury. In 2010 “El rumor de las piedras” won the award for Best International Film in the International Film Festival of New York and its deirector Alejandro Bellame Palacios won the award for best director. In 2009 “Venezzia”, by Haik Gazarian, about the role of Venezuela in World War II accumulating 15 awards won around the world.

A total of 20 films were made in Venezuela in 2012 –a significant rise in comparison to previous years- and it is expected that more than 30 films will be made in 2013. Villa del Cine [a high tech film studio] financed by the Venezuelan State is available for artist [to make films].
Villa del Cine was created by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chavez in 2006 and is part of the Ministry of Culture. It has a yearly budget of about 9 million dollars.

AVN / Embassy of Venezuela – Press Section February, 10 2014.

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