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President Maduro: CELAC Has the Capability to Be One of the 21st Century's Great Organizations

“We have the capability to not let CELAC [Community of Latin American and Caribbean States] be just another organization, but to make it a great organization.  In memory of Chávez, let it become the organization of the 21st century for great politics,” said Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on Thursday.

In an interview on Cubavision, during his stay in Havana for the CELAC summit, the President indicated that “we have to guard against documents that are very well designed, that start to accumulate as empty paragraphs and the written words lose their impact, which become empty because they are not converted into action, they do not transform anything.”

He noted that while the threat of empty rhetoric always exists, and there will always be risks in any organization, CELAC has a common doctrine of new, diverse thinking in Latin America that has been strongly influenced by 21st century socialism.

The President also said that “the success and unifying strength of the continent within CELAC have left the US defeated” and that country’s reactions “lay bare the bitterness that is revealed in the media, which ignored this historic achievement.  That the whole continent is uniting for advancing the development of the peoples is something that is very relevant, but things that are good for the people are minimized by big media.”

The President emphasized that in the 21st century, we must “retake the paths towards unity, guard against bureaucratization and UN-ization.  We cannot let CELAC become like the UN.”

Among the challenges CELAC faces are jointly confronting vital issues such as climate change, the economy, nutrition, health, education, culture and guaranteeing a peaceful world, all of which “necessitate coordination,” President Maduro said.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / January 31, 2014

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