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President Maduro Swears in New Cabinet Members

On Tuesday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, swore in Vice President Jorge Arreaza and several new and reappointed cabinet members tasked with consolidating policies designed to promote equality and justice and defending the country’s Bolivarian Revolution.

In an event at Miraflores Presidential Palace, seat of government in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas, Maduro called on the public servants to carry out their functions with honesty, discipline and humility and help achieve the objectives of social peace, the construction of a new economy, and guaranteeing the supreme social happiness of the people.

He said that efforts should be focused on issues such as bolstering the domestic economy, strengthening communes, and putting an end to violent crime.

He presented new vice ministers, asking them to work their hardest to assume the responsibility to lead the task of building a new and peaceful nation.

Upon swearing in the minister of Peoples Power for Electricity, Jesse Chacon, President Maduro emphasized the need to continue working to stabilize the electricity grid and updating distribution systems to guarantee equal service for all.

Noting that some right wing leaders have called for a massive blackout, he said: “they’re crazy, let’s keep working.”

New cabinet members include the ministers of education, industry, youth, sports, work, and the Office of the Presidency.

Maduro announced again Tuesday that 2014 is known in Venezuela as the “year of youth and social peace,” and he called on citizens to mobilize on Sunday, January 26, saying: “There has been enough social violence. Let’s build the basis for peace.”

He called on legislators, governors and mayors around the country to join the cause: “come be a part of this initiative to demonstrate that it is possible to find the route to harmony and conviviality for our people.”

President Maduro also spoke of the fruitful encounter held the previous day at the Presidential Palace with representatives of private television stations in order to work together to promote positive values.

“I welcome a debate on the role of television in Venezuela, of film, of new values in Venezuelan culture and communication for peace,” he said.

MINCI/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US/ January 22, 2014

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