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Venezuelan Government Guarantees Resources Necessary for 2014 Economic Growth

On Monday, President Nicolás Maduro emphasized that despite the economic sabotage perpetrated by diverse business interests, the government had maintained control in the face of speculation and hoarding, and had taken actions to guarantee recourses for next year.

In his final press conference of 2013, the President stressed that the inflationary bubble would not have occurred had it not been for the economic war waged by sectors of the right wing.

“In 2014, we have guaranteed investment in bolivars for the country’s economic growth,” Maduro said.

The President noted that $5 billion from the China-Venezuela Fund has been budgeted for investment in new development projects.

He highlighted that the economic measures taken this past November had managed to stabilize prices, counteracting the overpricing of food and other goods, such as appliances.

President Maduro then referred to a report released by the Venezuelan Central Bank and the National Institute of Statistics that show the positive impact these measures had on consumer prices in November and December of this year.

He explained that an inflationary bubble caused by speculation and induced by the Venezuelan right-wing had led to an unusual inflation rate of 56%.

“If the economic war against the Venezuelan people had not existed, we would have had the lowest inflation of the past 100 years,” Maduro said.

The President affirmed that 2014 will be a year for a new domestic economic order based on strict compliance with the law.

Evidence of Crimes

President Maduro noted that the food production sector had been harmed by big businesses, and he announced that Major General García Plaza, head of the Supervising Agency for the Economy, discovered overpricing of over 3,000% in this crucial part of the economy.

Maduro explained that had it not been for the Food Mission, and other government programs such as Mercal and Pdval, famine, speculation, hoarding and theft would have engulfed the nation.

“We are going to control and regulate every sector of the Venezuelan economy, [people] should work but not take advantage of [the economy],” he indicated.

Prensa Presidencial / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / December 31, 2013

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