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Government on the Streets to Begin New 2014 Phase in Conjunction with Mayors and Governors

Governing in accordance with the people’s will has been one of the foundations of the Bolivarian Revolution, one which has been put into action through Government on the Streets, a novel program aimed at establishing direct contact between government officials and the people in order to learn about and help resolve their problems.

In its first 100 days, Government on the Streets saw officials travel nearly 50,000 miles throughout the country, attending over 3,300 activities, including 2,000 town halls.

Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and his entire ministerial cabinet led the visits to all 23 states and the capital district.  Their efforts resulted in commitments to 2,450 projects, for which over $16.5 billion was approved.

At the end of the first phase of Government on the Streets, President Maduro noted that money is being invested “to create social happiness, spur the economy, build a real economy and meet the needs of the people.”

In Caracas alone, over $1.7 billion bolivars were authorized for 78 projects, such as the rehabilitation of Caracas’ Historic District and public spaces, as well as the building of homes and for the New Neighborhood, Tricolor Neighborhood Mission.

Popular Approval

“A socialist government based on everyday work, on the streets and with the people, to directly handle the needs of the people and offer them solutions,” President Maduro said when proposing the program, just days after being victorious in the April 2013 presidential elections. 

A study by pollster Hinterlaces held four months after the launch of Government on the Streets found that 62% characterized as the program as positive.

In January 2014, new activities will take place through Government on the Streets, with visits planned to all 335 municipalities in the country to work in conjunction with mayors and governors.

Among the priorities in this new stage will be ensuring that Maduro’s ministerial cabinet visits each state and municipality in Venezuela in order to evaluate social programs such as the Great Housing Mission, Food Mission, Into the Neighborhood, and Venezuela Full of Life.

Another priority will be gauging the progress of public works being undertaken throughout the country.

The purpose is to verify that promises made to the people are being kept and to analyze the government’s performance in important areas such as health, safety, sports, and access to basic services, among others.

This new phase of Government on the Streets also include the rehabilitation of public and community spaces through the New Neighborhood, Tricolor Neighborhood Mission, which will improve drinking water access, sewage and power supplies, as well as repair homes and replaces shanty houses with more dignified housing.

Government on the Streets aims to fulfill the Bolivarian Revolution’s promise of well-being and happiness for the Venezuelan people.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / December 30, 2013

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