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President Maduro invites mayors to dialogue before upcoming elections

President Maduro announced that in view of the upcoming municipal elections on December 8th, he will invite “every mayor elected by the people of Venezuela, without distinction of any kind, [to a] social, national dialogue.”

Appearing on José Vicente Hoy, a television program broadcast by Televén, the President indicated that he will call on elected officials to work together for the good of the country, in line with the 203-2019 Plan for the Nation, a set of policies designed by former President Hugo Chávez that will go into law this week.

“I will tell them: Here is the plan for the country, approved by the National Assembly and by the people.  Let us work.  No more sabotage.  No more using mayoralties to neglect the community and destroy the President… I will call for work and a national dialogue, to help each other and contribute so that the country can move forward,” he emphasized.

President Maduro also urged respect for voting results that are published by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

“What the CNE says on December 8th shall be sacred.  We will accept the will of the people as expressed through the [vote],” he stressed.

Maduro highlighted that revolutionaries are the “standard bearers of the new democracy in Venezuela,” given that they are “the children and parents of the Constitution” approved in 1999.

He also noted that “the opposition that has conspired a thousand and one times, and has launched reckless, nearly insane, accusations, was the same one that refused to approve this Constitution fourteen years ago.”

Under this Constitution, Venezuela has held 18 elections, 17 of which have been victories by the Revolution.

The upcoming December 8th elections will be the first solely municipal elections.

“I ask all Venezuelans, without any sort of distinction between them, to go vote next Sunday… It is important to finish the equation.  We have a President until 2019 [the year of the next presidential election], governors until 2016, a National Assembly until 2015.   Now we need mayors to come finish the equation of work for the community,” he indicated.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / December 2, 2013

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