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Forum in Solidarity with Venezuela in Washington, DC

December 8 at the Bolivarian Hall

Next Sunday, December 8, the Bolivarian Hall in Washington, DC, will host a forum in solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution on the occasion of the “Day of Love for the Homeland and Loyalty to the Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías.” The forum will be held from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., and special guests will include Dr. Adina Bastidas, former Venezuelan Vice President and Executive Director for Venezuela at the Inter-American Development Bank; and James Early of the Smithsonian Institution, who was an international accompanier during the 2013 presidential elections in Venezuela.

About December 8

A presidential decree was recently published in Venezuela’s Official Gazette (issue 40,686) in which December 8 was designated the “Day of Love for the Homeland and Loyalty to the Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías.” On this occasion, Venezuelans pay tribute to the late leader who so greatly loved his people.

President Nicolas Maduro said that December 8, which coincides with the municipal elections in Venezuela, will feature activities that ratify the commitment of the Venezuelan people to continuing and consolidating the Bolivarian Revolution.

The occasion honors the date of President Chávez’s last public address to his people. The leader traveled to Cuba for medical treatment in December of 2012 and learned that he was in urgent need of another operation, but returned home beforehand to ask the people to continue fighting for the Bolivarian Revolution and indicate that they should entrust Nicolás Maduro with the leadership of the nation in case of any unforeseen event, saying, “Come what may, we have our homeland.”

About the commemoration of December 8, President Maduro has said: “It’s about ratifying the most simple, basic love for a man who embodied an idea, a project, and who continues to embody that in a transparent way in complex circumstances.”

Municipal Elections in Venezuela

On December 8, a total of 19,167,416 registered voters in Venezuela will go to the polls to choose local representatives. In total, voters around the country will elect 335 mayors and 2,435 members of municipal councils, as well as two mayors and 20 members of municipal councils for the districts of the Metropolitan Council and Alto Apure. A total of 335 observatories for peace will be established by the government throughout the country in order to guarantee an atmosphere of calm before, during and after the municipal elections.

After the forum in Washington, DC, at the Bolivarian Hall, the cultural space of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, participants can enjoy refreshments and live coverage of the elections in Venezuela.

What: Forum in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
When: December 8, 2013, 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Where: Bolivarian Hall, 2443 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008

Guests are asked to please confirm their attendance by emailing

Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / November 27, 2013

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