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President Maduro: 2013-2019 Plan for the Nation to Become Law

Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Assembly, are set to hold a meeting aimed at setting a date for the approval of the 2013-2019 Plan for the Nation.  This plan, which was originally presented in 2012 by then President Hugo Chávez, strengthens the foundation for the transition to socialism and radicalization of participatory and agent-based democracy to “accelerate the process of returning power to the people.”

President Maduro said that he and Cabello “will meet to set a date for the approval of the Plan for the Nation, to make it into a law for the next five years.”

Maduro highlighted that on becoming law, the 2013-2019 Plan for the Nation will become the second such plan to regulate the country.

In 2012, President Chávez wrote: “In presenting this plan, I do it with the conviction that it can only perfected with the agent-based participation of the people, with wide discussion among the grassroots, in order to unleash all its creative and liberating force.  This is a plan that aims to cross the point of no return.  As Antonio Gramsci said, the old must definitively die so that the new can be fully born.”

The five main goals of this plan are:

I.    Defend, expand and strengthen the most valued good we have recovered after 200 years: National Independence.

II.    Continuing building 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism in Venezuela, as an alternative to savage capitalism and thereby guaranteeing “the greatest social security, the greatest political stability and the greatest happiness” for our people.

III.    Transform Venezuela into a social, economic and political power within the great power arising in Latin America and the Caribbean, to guarantee our America as a zone of peace.

IV.    Contribute to the development of a new, international geopolitics in which a multi-centric, multi-polar world arises that enables universal balance and guarantees world peace.

V.    Contribute to the preservation of live on the planet and the salvation of the human species.

YVKE Mundial / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / November 26, 2013

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