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UNESCO Recognizes Venezuela's "Canaima" Program as Example for the Region

During a meeting in Paris on Friday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized Venezuela’s “Canaima” program as an example of educational policies that should be replicated elsewhere.

Deputy Director of UNESCO Quian Tan told TeleSur: "I'm very impressed, because this technology is used in the service of education and is a breakthrough that few countries have achieved. It is very important and is an example for the entire region.”

In a letter, UNESCO recognized the program’s efforts to promote learning among children in the country using new technology.

Speaking to Venezolana de Television, Higher Education Minister Pedro Calzadilla said UNESCO directors "have appreciated and positively evaluated what we've done over the years with this wonderful project."

He said that UNESCO has described this program as "a good practice" and "an experience that we believe should be learned about and multiplied in different parts of the world."

In addition to the UN body, Calzadilla said the project has received the approval of representatives of various countries at the 37th session of the UNESCO General Conference being held in Paris.

"People recognize it, governments around the world and in different areas of UNESCO have learned about and gotten to like this initiative," he said.

He recalled that the computers that are delivered through the Canaima Education program, called “Canaimitas,” have reached 2.7 million Venezuelan children, " a figure which impressed the community here and UNESCO teams."

He took the opportunity to congratulate everyone involved in the program, saying "We want to extend our congratulations to all those who work in the company that makes the Canaimitas, the children, the educational teams involved. Congratulations to our people."

He noted that this recognition is a tribute to the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, who began the program.

2014 Event

Calzadilla announced with the deputy director of education for Unesco that the Canaima Education program and other policies will be featured at an international event for science and technology scheduled for March 2014.

Furthermore, he said, "we invited Mr. Tan to visit Venezuela in February to show him the other achievements that we have made in education in our country."

AVN / Press- Venezuelan Embassy to the US / November 8, 2013

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