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Venezuela Carries out Sovereign Anti-Drug Policies

Venezuela has its own sovereign, independent anti-drug policies based on the humanistic vision of its Bolivarian Revolution, said National Anti-Drug Office (ONA) President Alejandro Keleris Bucarito over the weekend, indicating that these policies are more efficient than those implemented jointly with the United States until 2005.

The ONA chief said in an interview on the private television station TeleVen: “Venezuela does not need the tutelage of the [U.S.] DEA.”

He said that Commander Hugo Chávez had a vision for an integral approach to the problem of the consumption and trafficking of drugs which allow the country to create its own national plan, generate resources and advance toward more effective anti-drug measures.

With the creation of the National Anti-Drug Fund, financed by institutions of the state with resources seized from drug traffickers, Venezuela is the only country on the continent the guarantees free access to comprehensive national drug addiction treatment services.

This system involves an integral and humanistic approach to assisting persons with addiction problems.

To date, 35 socialist drug treatment centers have been created, including centers for family assistance and prevention centers.

“The person goes through the first and second levels at the family assistance centers and the prevention centers, and then spends some time, with specialized care, at the treatment center where they can also acquire the possibility to carry out work in the field,” Keleris Bucarito explained.

He said that President Nicolas Maduro has requested the activation of another seven treatment centers, and the deepening of the service in treatment centers for persons with addiction and drug consumption problems.

The said that Venezuela will soon receive a delegation from Colombia's national drug agency that will learn about Venezuela's experience in responding to drug consumption through its national system of addiction treatment centers.

"We have made a lot of progress. This treatment system was created thanks to the vision and the joint work of Commander Chávez and Fidel Castro, and we have even sent people to Cuba for treatment. We have begun to prepare, and now we have a national system with treatment centers, some of which are located on farms that were seized from drug traffickers," the ONA president said.

AVN / Press - Venezuelan Embassy to the US / November 4, 2013

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