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President Maduro Backs Institutions in Fight Against Corruption

President Nicolas Maduro reiterated on Thursday his support for the efforts of Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz and Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace Miguel Rodríguez Torres in their efforts to fight and end corruption in Venezuela.

The Attorney General has presented to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (known by its initials in Spanish as TSJ) the case of a lawmaker from the state of Monagas, Maria Aranguren, was accused of the alleged crimes of embezzlement, money laundering and conspiracy.

In a speech at the high court, Ortega Diaz recalled that in January 2008, the governor of the state of Monagas, José Gregorio Briceño, created a business called Administradora Imobiliaria Monumental de Maturín CA “with money totally from the governorship of Monagas, that is to say, as a state business." The objective of the business was to manage and maintain of the stadium in Maturín, but it instead carried out for-profit parties and events, “going against the social objectives for which it was created, and the norms that regulate the issue of state businesses.”

For his part, Interior Minister Rodríguez Torres presented in a press conference on Thursday several cases of capital flight through paperwork with the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (CADIVI). Among them is the case of five public servants with the Ministry of Sports charged with counterfeiting, a fictitious company that took money from the National Urban Transport Fund (Fontur), and a scam involving a school nutrition program by an official from the Bank of Venezuela.

President Maduro said: "I congratulate Minister Rodríguez Torres for his death blows against corruption,” in an effort that is not partisan in nature.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / November 1, 2013

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