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President Maduro: Fast-Track Law to Strengthen Fight Against Corruption

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday during a meeting in Caracas that the approval of the fast-track law by the National Assembly will allow him to tackle corruption.

"With the fast-track law in hand and the political will that we have thanks to the example of the efforts of Commander Chávez we're going to give our all in the fight against corruption, with unprecedented force," he said.

Regarding the economic war carried out by the right wing in Venezuela, he said that the government "has to elevate the norms in the face of these acts of corruption and apply punishments no matter who the offenders are."

He noted the importance of creating a special system of protection for government functionaries, attorneys general, detectives, judges and civil and military personnel who help in the fight against corruption "and the constant struggle against drug trafficking."

The fast-track law was presented before the National Assembly as a tool to aid in efforts to combat corruption and shortages due to the economic war.

It gives the president the power to make decree laws on certain issues according to the needs of the nation.

President Maduro reaffirmed that he will continue with the economic offensive to protect the people from speculation and hoarding.

"I call on you to take the fast-track law in hand, to read it, too distributed and explain it to make it a powerful tool in the struggle against corruption and the economic war," he said.

Maduro stressed that it is necessary for citizens to know the truth about the law, to participate in “Street Government” events to make their concerns known, and to maintain the economic offensive.

"Let nobody abandoned their tasks. We should conquer the political territory to continue advancing. We must get in there with the Street Government,” he said.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / October 30, 2013

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