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President Maduro: Simulated Election was Successful

A simulated election held Sunday by Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) ahead of the municipal elections on December 8 was a success, according to statements by President Nicolás Maduro on twitter.

"Today’s simulated election was a success thanks to the poll workers, [security operations through] Plan Republic, and all the people who participated so passionately," he wrote.

For the mock vote, the CNE opened 421 voting centers throughout the country, a total of 3,285 voting tables, and reviewed the functioning of the vote tallying equipment to be used in December, when voters will choose a total of 2,792 mayors and members of municipal councils nationwide.

Nearly half a million people participated in the events on Sunday, according to CNE President Tibisay Lucena, who told Venezolana de Televisión that 346,000 had already come out by about 3:00 p.m.

which were organized in order to familiarize the public with the voting process and test the electronic platform.

"We're going to prepare for 8-D[ecember] to have a great Bolivarian triumph all around the country, today I saw in the eyes of the people that they’re certain of a victory,” President Maduro wrote in another message on his Twitter account, @NicolasMaduro.

He asked that the campaigning be characterized by happiness and respect for the electoral results announced by the CNE.

"I vow to respect the results announced legally by the CNE," he said.

He called on the right wing, which has at times failed to recognize the electoral arbiter, to agree to accept the results of the next election.

"To the right wing that is nervous and conspiring, that sabotages the economy, I say: prepare yourself to recognize the results. Enough violence!" Maduro wrote.

The president recalled an event one year earlier, on October 20 of 2012, when the late President Hugo Chávez founded the Council of Ministers to centralize the oversight of the government ministries and the communes.

"One year ago our commander set out the lines that should guide our action today… Chávez was preparing the new cycle of the revolution to confront the obstacles ahead of us, to build our Bolivarian Socialism,” Maduro wrote.

The communes, he stressed, “are a necessary tool to achieve the transformation of the state toward a communal state, where the people can fully exercise their power.”

He also highlighted the need to be "more efficient in the transit, the construction of a new political, economic, social and cultural revolution."

AVN/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / October 21, 2013

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