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Street Government Program has Reached 3.5 Million Venezuelans

Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza announced that more than 3.5 million Venezuelan men and women have been reached through the deployment of the new program “Efficient Government in the Street.”

This program was started by President Nicolas Maduro during the first 100 days of his administration in order to attack the problem of corruption through a review of irregularities by means of government inspections carried out in cooperation with local communities.

Ahead of a meeting of the Council of Ministers held Thursday morning, Vice President Arreaza said that a review will be conducted of the 2,450 local projects in 24 states throughout the country that were approved by the government during the first phase of “Street Government” program.

“Many of them are new commitments that came out of the diagnostic debates held between public servants and the people,” he said. “Others are commitments that were ratified and resumed, projects that are being reactivated with the approval of 125 million Bolivars and more than $2.5 million by the Bolivarian Government.”

The vice president also indicated that ministers might review border cooperation policies with Colombia ahead of a Friday in a high-level bilateral meeting.

“Policies were applied in coordination with the Government of Colombia to protect the population that resides in the border areas,” he said.

Another of the issues to be discussed at the Council of Ministers was the analysis of the 12 strategic aims put forth by President Maduro on July 29.

The first strategic aim is to build a system of popular government that is based on people’s power, organized popular power and the installation of work tables together with government representatives in order to improve the levels of efficiency with regard to the completion of projects;

The second aim is the inspection and inauguration of new public works and projects in order to carry out all of the local projects approved by the “Street Government” program.

The third aim is to elevate, multiply and consolidate the “Movement for Peace and Life” as part of the “Safe Homeland Plan” being developed throughout the country.

The fourth aim is to promote the socialist economy to reduce inflation and improve key indicators; the fifth is to strengthen the government’s Social Missions; the sixth is to strengthen “Mission Efficiency or Nothing” through inspections of the small-scale missions to attack corruption; the seventh is to consolidate the communes in August and September.

The eighth aim is to strengthen the National Electricity System; the ninth is to promote “Mission Negro Primero”; the tenth is to promote the revolution of culture, supporting the development of new types of cultural expression and communication; the 11th is to maintain the powerful international policies of the Bolivarian Revolution through the consolidation of the multilateral groups ALBA, PetroCaribe, UNASUR, Mercosur and CELAC.

Finally, the 12th aim is to consolidate and strengthen the political alliances of the Great Patriotic Pole with various social sectors and movements.

YVKE Mundial/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US/ August 2, 2013

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