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Venezuelan Electoral Council Broadcasts Vote Audit Live Online

Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) begins on Tuesday the online broadcast of the audit of the results of the April 14 elections. The process, referred to as “citizen verification phase 2,” began May 6 with the participation of citizen observer groups and diverse political party representatives.

The group of parties that requested the audit, known as Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), refused the invitation to participate.

According to the CNE website, the live broadcast will continue throughout the rest of the auditing process, which is going on every day 8 AM until the afternoon, when participants sign a document testifying to the work carried out that day.

Visitors to can watch the auditing process in real time by clicking the link labeled “transmisión en vivo” or live broadcast.

According to article 162 of Venezuela’s Law on Electoral Processes, citizen verification involves reviewing the paper receipts issued by voting machines and checking them against the electronic records at each voting table.

The activity involves reviewing the selected electoral material and verifying the paper receipts, as well as the registry of results recorded in the automated verification system. It also entails the supervision of each station by external auditors who will issue a verification form and proof of review.

To comply with the established protocol, the CNE has enabled 60 workstations, and each one will review materials from six voting tables per day.

Technicians from political parties present in this process (PSUV, PPT, Poder Laboral and Nuvipa), are following the activities closely in order to certify the results at the different verification stations.
Phase two of the citizen verification is being conducted on 46% of the voting tables, all of those that were not audited automatically on the day of the election, and it will take place in three ten-day cycles. At the end of the process, an official report will be presented.

YVKE Mundial/ Press - Venezuelan Embassy to the US/ May 14, 2013

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