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Embassy Receives Messages of Support for President Ch?vez

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, DC, has already received dozens of letters and messages for President Chávez from people in the U.S. and Latin America wishing to express solidarity with the South American leader.

On Saturday, surrounded by Vice President Nicolás Maduro and members of his cabinet, President Chávez announced that he would travel once again to Havana for surgery.

After the announcement, the Embassy began recieving messages and words of support through its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Reverend Jesse Jackson, the founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition, sent a letter to the Venezuelan president in which he expresses “I have always known you as a fighter and I’m sure you will conquer this disease and come out healthier, stronger, and thus continue to lead your beloved Venezuela as a leader in our hemisphere and around the globe.”

The Party for Socialism and Liberation also sent a letter to the Embassy reiterating its confidence in the leadership of President Chávez and his quick recovery, which reads: “As you undergo continued medical treatment in Cuba, our Party, along with the millions of people across Latin America and the world, will be by your side… We have admired and supported your fight for socialism through the years, and all that you have done to encourage the popular institutions to assure the present and future advances toward that aim.”

Ramsey Clark also wrote a letter not only wishing for Chávez’s quick recovery, but also comparing him to Simón Bolívar, the famous Latin American independence hero, saying “Chávez liberated the masses of his people from the poverty, sickness, ignorance and submissiveness inflicted on them by their own aristocracies acting in concert with [foreign powers]… We pray We pray for his health, confident that his revolution for economic freedom will carry on indomitable, with Hugo Chávez at the helm and thereafter.”

On the Embassy’s Facebook page, one user commented: “I am so worried about Hugo Chavez having to go back for more surgery related to his cancer. Of course I am pulling for his recovery.” Another person wrote: “I will be praying for Hugo Chavez. I’ve watched a couple interviews with him. He seems like a very nice man. I hope he gets better and I hope your country thrives.”

Many people have expressed their solidarity as well as recommendations for alternative medical treatments, such as David Hauser of the organization “Healing Room,” who wrote: “We are a Christian organization that prays for a cure for cancer. I felt that God told me this morning to pray for a miracle for your president.”

A missionary named James Vincent asked the Embassy to send his message to President Chávez, with the following suggestions: “be sure that the President quickly eliminates from his diet all animal products and consumes just vegetables, raw vegetables and fruit juice. It is also important for him to drink four liters of water per day between meals with the juice of five fresh lemons.”

Meanwhile, supporters of the president held an event in Houston yesterday at which they raised their voices in support of Chávez’s recovery.

In Venezuela, since the early morning on Sunday, gatherings have been held in the central squares of cities throughout the country including Caracas, where members of the public came together to express their solidarity with the president. Click here to see pictures.

Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / December 10, 2012

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