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New Labor Law to be Approved Today

Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information Andres Izarra informed via his Twitter account, @IzarraDeVerdad, that President Hugo Chávez will sign the approbation of the new Organic Labor Law (LOT) on Monday.

“Great event to sign LOT tomorrow. Everybody alert!,” he wrote.

The law will vindicate labor rights for Venezuelan workers, including seniority to pay employee social benefits, six-week maternity leave before giving birth and 20-week maternity leave after giving birth, among other benefits.

The law was drafted based on 19,923 proposals received by a presidential commission, of which 90 percent were made by workers.

The president of the National Assembly’s Permanent Commission on Integral Social Development, lawmaker Oswaldo Vera, said that the new LOT has been the most discussed law by the people after the Bolivarian Constitution.

During a televised interview, the Venezuelan lawmaker said that over 1,200 assemblies were held throughout the country to discuss the new law.

Under previous governments only leaders of the Confederation of Workers of Venezuela (CTV) would exclusively change the law, but this time all workers had a main role drafting the law, Vera said.
“Today, the role of the labor movements must be exclusively to vindicate [rights]. Venezuela’s political reality has paved the way for achieving commitment by revolutionary workers who are against old vices,” Vera said.

Additionally, he said that the new Labor Law will benefit not only workers who have an employee-employer relationship, but also independent workers and peasants who were never included.
Likewise, social security measures recently announced by the Venezuelan president and the increase of minimum wage for third consecutive year are part of the aspects that may be considered before endorsing the new law, he said.

YVKE Mundial / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 30, 2012

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