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President of the National Electoral Council: "No Electoral System on the Continent is More Audited than Ours"

The President of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, gave a press conference Monday morning in which she offered details about the Integrated Authentication System, which will guard against voter fraud.

Lucena said the system is innovative and can serve as an example for other electoral systems throughout the world for its safety and reliability.

The CNE president also used the occasion to respond to statements made about the Venezuelan electoral system by U.S. President Barack Obama, saying: “there is no other electoral system on this continent that is more audited and verifiable than ours, and I hope that the elections in the U.S. are transparent, given that the majority [of state voting systems are] are manual and those that are automated aren’t audited, they are managed in some cases by businesses.”

Lucena continued: “Meanwhile in Venezuela the sovereignty rests with the people and the electoral branch that guarantees it. When we audit 54 percent of the voting machines and tables, we guarantee that those results are honest, in the U.S. that is not done.”
About the Integrated Authentication System

The Automated Authentication System is a biometric tool through which the voter can certify his or her identity at the voting machine using a national ID number and fingerprint. This is a new feature for the 2012 elections, which are to be held on October 7 (presidential) and December 16 (regional).

The CNE president said that there are three components of the new electoral system: the initial authentication phase (for which fingerprinting is used), the voting machine, and the ballot receipt (which allows for a manual cross-check of the machines).

She added that the new tool “allows for various things such as for example the security of the electoral results, the authentication of voters – that means one vote per person, we are completely sure of the process.”

Lucena said that political organizations will be present at the audits that will be conducted by the electoral branch. She also noted that the new technical equipment will be “very simple, they are very easy to use.”

VTV / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 23, 2012

Watch clips from the press conference here (in Spanish):

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