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Venezuelan Government Allocates Funds to Renovate Airports

On Monday, the government of Venezuela approved over $620 million to renovate and improve the facilities at 25 airports throughout the country.

Likewise, $500 million was allocated to purchase 20 Embraer aircrafts and four and Airbus aircrafts for the Venezuelan airline Conviasa.

The Minister of Aerial and Aquatic Transportation, Elsa Gutiérrez, said Monday in a televised interview that the funds were approved thanks to joint work with the Cabinet’s Vice Presidency for Territorial Development.

“Venezuela’s air fleet is old, so it has to be modernized and offer a quality service for our users… The goal is to improve all the areas and offer a quality service for everyone. Therefore, we are also working hand in hand with the Vice Presidency for Territorial Development because we cannot be removed from the realities of each region and city,” she said.

Gutiérrez also said that the government approved over $225 million to build an airport in the city of Barinas in Venezuela’s southeastern plains region.

A New Dock at the Port of La Guaira

Gutiérrez also announced that a new dock at the Port of La Guardia, in Vargas state, northern coast, will be operative by 2014.

“A new dock with six container cranes will be built at La Guaira. In Venezuela, despite decentralization policies, previous governments didn’t build any installed container cranes,” she said.
The goal is to receive ships with larger loading capacities, reduce wait times and traffic jams caused in Vargas state.

The dock’s operating capacity will jump from 18 to 20 movements per hour with 72 to 80 trips per hour, which translates into a 300-percent time reduction.

Gutiérrez highlighted that the modernization efforts will also create direct and indirect jobs, with the inclusion of citizens enrolled and trained under the Great Mission Knowledge and Work.

The port of Puerto Cabello, in the central state of Carabobo, is also being modernized.

“An embankment and cranes are being placed in the port of Puerto Cabello. We are going to reduce operating times, which will impact the charter fee,” she said.

Adequate maintenance efforts were not carried out in the past.

“Our ports remained in unfavorable conditions. Our ports were built between 28 to 30 years ago, but ten years ago they indicated the need to modernize the infrastructure,” the minister highlighted.

AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 3, 2012

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