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Venezuelan Urbanism Project 'Caribia' Highlighted by International News Agency

Created by initiative of President Hugo Chávez

The news agency AFP reported on the new advances of the socialist city known as Caribia, a project conceived of by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in 2006 as an integral planned community with schools, healthcare clinics and employment opportunities for its residents.

AFP reports: “After living poorly for nine months in a shelter, Daviana Padrón of Caracas now lives in a new, free house and works in a cooperative and her children go to a ‘Bolivarian’ school … Located among mountains in the outskirts of Caracas and close to the sea, Caribia is one of the most ambitious projects by Chávez, who hopes that one day this urbanism project, fruit of his Bolivarian socialist revolution, can house over 100,000 people.”

In August, about 5,000 people moved to into four-bedroom, fully equipped and free apartments, the article notes, “although the government is expected to establish a payment method for their tenants, according to their incomes.”

Likewise, AFP reports that about 800 apartments have been given out so far and “a total of 20,000 more are expected to be built as part of a plan to relocate the majority of the 130,000 victims that were left homeless after rainstorms in 2010 and at the same time end the housing deficit in Venezuela, which reached 2 million that year.”

Caribia’s location was chosen by the Venezuelan president when he was flying over the area, which is also called “Camino de Los Indios,” on the outskirts of Caracas. Now, “it has a school, daycare, a medical center, hair salon, mini supermarket, and a clothing studio,” according to the AFP.

According to the news agency, Caribia’s inhabitants claim that there are no hierarchies among them in this nascent city, nobody is concerned about crime because they don’t have that problem, the cost of living is low, education is free, and people are opening community business with credit from the government.

“I live quietly and happy, thanks to God and Chávez. We’re beginning a new city, if we take care of it, it will continue to be safe,” said Carlos Silva, a 47 year-old baker. Silva, together with Padrón and nine other people, runs a “socio-productive” business in which of Caribia’s few photos of the Venezuelan leader is displayed. AFP reports that dozens of buildings are still under construction in Caribia.

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